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Always Keep Time And Never Be Late

Keeping time is important for places such as work, school, and appointments.  When your on time, you prove yourself a loyal person who can be counted on. Friends, family, coworkers, and others will appreciate your timeliness and consideration.  When you make it a point to always be on time, you are telling people that you care enough to meet them when you are supposed to.  Here are some tips for always keeping time and avoiding lateness that can irritate others.

Set your clocks ahead 10 minutes to keep good time.  Being on time means leaving the house early to get to appointments and work.  If you attempt to fake yourself out by setting the clocks ahead, you'll always be at least 10 minutes early to anywhere and avoid being late.  Try to go by the time the clock says, however, and not have it set in your mind that it's actually 10 minutes later than what it really is.  You want to see the time on the clock and think to yourself that it is the actual time so that you are never late to anywhere.

Use two alarms to wake up in the morning and avoid hitting the snooze button to keep time.  Try setting an alarm on your alarm clock for a certain time, and then an alarm on your cell phone for a half hour later.  After this last one goes off, be sure to get up.  If you keep hitting the snooze button, not only will you chance being late, but you'll also feel more tired from all those bits of interrupted sleep.  If you don't trust using two alarms to get up in the morning, simply wake up right away from the first alarm and don't hit snooze.  This will ensure you get up on time, feel great all day, and avoid being late to work or meetings.

Figure out how long it takes you to get ready each day to keep good time.  Add 15 minutes to this time and start getting ready 15 minutes early.  The sooner you get ready each day, the better your chance of always being on time.  Don't try to rush yourself when getting ready or you may end up late for work, school, appointments, or meetings with others.  If you need time to do your hair and makeup, give yourself adequate time to do so.  Being on time means giving yourself enough time to fully get ready.  Even if you are afraid you may be too early, it's far better to be early, than to be late and not on time at all.

Keep time by always planning to be early.  When you plan to be early, you'll never be late.  If an appointment, work schedule, or meeting starts at 8:00am, think of it as actually starting at 7:45am.  Plan to be ready in enough time to get there by 7:45am.  This way, you'll ensure promptness and look even better to others who expect you to be there on time.  When you plan to be early to everything, you will always be on schedule and keep good time.  So even if your late for an appointment you make believe is earlier, you'll never really be late and therefore, always on time.

Helpful Tips:

* Ask others for assistance in helping you be on time...have a friend phone when she gets up or a family member wake you up each morning until you're able to establish your own early routine.

* Remember, being on time is courteous to others and worth trying very hard to achieve.

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