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Basics of Paranormal Investigation

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"Basics of Paranormal Investigation"
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In order to be successful in an investigation,you must first know what your getting into. So in this article we will cover the basics of preparation, so that you and your team are safe. (First) ensure that the location you plan to investigate is well researched prior to entry. Do not go to a new location and then expect to be able to find your way around in total darkness, your lead investigator should go out in the day light hour's and note any hazards or obstacles that might cause injury and then relay his finding's to the team. You should talk with the owner to ensure that you get all the details on the active location, so that your not wasting your time setting up your equipment. There is nothing worse than watching or listening to useless tape. (Second) ensure that your equipment is ready, make sure you have all batteries charged, then make sure that your back-up batteries are ready to perform. Get film,audio and video tape's, Then ensure that all equipment is operating properly and make sure you know how to operate this equipment. Now your ready for the investigation. While investigating always move in pairs, a good team consist of four to six people depending on location size. Do not get brave and decide to wonder alone (it's not the ghost that you have to worry about) you can be seriously injured or killed by anything at anytime and its always good to have a friend in a life or death situation to assist you in living. Now that your teamed into pairs take the time to communicate with each other, remember its dark and what little you can see you don't want taken away,(example) when you are ready to take a picture say (flash) so that your partner has time to shut his/her eye's. Call out if any sudden movement's are going to take place so that your partner has time to react. The last thing i will say is, it takes longer to do a proper investigation than one night, try to schedule at least three nights with the owner. These do not have to be consecutive night's, but they do need to be within a one month time frame and by doing that your time spent on this investigation will be well rewarded. Go ghost hunting and have fun but most of all be safe...

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