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Surgery can make back pain worst. People who have been advised to go for surgery need to think very carefully about the outcome as the benefits may sometimes weigh the risks. It is always a wise idea to take a second opinion before the surgery as the patient may be very anxious. The reason that most doctors may hold back on the surgery sometimes has to do with the patient's age, and the fact that there are generally a lot of risks involved with back surgery.

Physiotherapy and acupuncture can sometimes ease the back pain, and in some cases even cure the condition. The patient can also see a chiropractor, who can alleviate the pain. Sometimes the sufferer has impatience due to the act that the pain can be crippling, and needs some kind of relieve immediately. More westerners than ever before are suffering from back pain, and it is becoming an increasingly common problem. Conventional treatments which consist of surgery, injections and anesthesia often do make the problem of back pain worst.

The health care provider should give the patient solid information about alternative treatments before discussing surgery. Patients should ask their health care provider about evidence favouring surgery or other non surgical treatments in their case. They should ask about the long term outcome about the recommended treatment. The most common reasons for surgery of the back are sciatica and spinal steno sis. Another consideration when surgery is an option is the short term benefits and long term risk factors that are associated with the surgery. Some experts believe that fewer than one percent of patients with back pain need aggressive medical or surgical treatments. When surgery is appropriate it can provide the sufferer with great relief. There have also been few well conducted studies to determine if any type of back pain surgery works better than others, or if a single procedure is better than no procedure at all. The patient needs to make sure that the surgeon who is performing the surgery has a lot of experience in that type of surgery before going through with the operation. The patient should also ask around, and find out from other back pain sufferer who they have been seeing. This bit of information can be quite helpful in making the right decision.

It should be noted that surgery does not always improve the outcome and in some cases, can even make it worse. Surgery can be an extremely effective approach, however, for certain patients who do not respond to conservative approaches.

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