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A myriad of people from all walks of life find observing the stars above magical and fulfilling. The young, the old, it makes no difference all find stargazing a wonderful experience. The twinkling stars above and all that stargazing entails is second to none. The wonders of the heavens are amazing. While urban stargazing can be a little difficult when light pollution is so prominent, urban stargazers have no problem whatsoever finding a vast array of resources to enhance their stargazing enjoyment. Of course stargazing is as diverse as the people observing the skies. What one person may be seeking in reference to urban stargazing resources, will often differ from another person’s needs. Listed below are a host of resources available to stargazers. Make good use of these and your urban stargazing experience will be sensational. You will garner a load of knowledge about astrology, learn how to accurately read star charts and so much more.

Neave Planetarium:

Neave Planetarium is an interactive star map and virtual sky. This browser-based virtual planetarium of stars and planets is an excellent tool for budding astronomers. One can make good use of customizable location and latitude as well as time and day. There are a host of toys and tools designed by Interaction Designer Paul Neave, to make your venture into the world of astronomy educational and exciting. With a click of your mouse you can enjoy a tour of the skies from the comfort of your own home. Learn all about constellations, their latitude and longitude, set the date and time to see what is happening in the skies right now! Visit

Stargazing Network:

Visiting the Stargazing Network is a must for astronomy aficionados. The site is a gem indeed for those who wish to access a great number of astronomy sites and clubs on the Internet. A vast array of contents allows visitors to browse through a great collection of astronomy related resources and links. Meteor observers will be please to learn that they can easily find web pages, urban astronomy sites and astronomical societies which span the entire United States. Visit


Heavens-Above is an a great site which is dedicated to observing and tracking satellites orbiting the earth. One can view very detailed star charts which show the trajectory of the satellites against a background of stars. Great detail is paid to the ISS, Iridium flares, maps, recent space shuttle missions and orbital paths and other satellites which are currently visible. One can find out about currently visible asteroids and comets while learning in detail, other informative astronomy information. Heavens-Above is deemed the most popular website for tracking satellites and you will soon see why. Visit www.heavens-above.cpm/-

The Constellations Web-page:

The Constellations web page allows you to find a plethora of information related to astronomy. One can garner information about all 88 constellations, the myths and the facts. But that’s not all, you can enjoy a naked eye binocular tour of the stars above. You will also be privy to drawn orbits of a host of binary stars and new star charts for all constellations. Visitors will also be pleased to know that there are printed versions of star guides for the Northern as well as the Southern Hemispheres. Learn the Greek alphabet and mythic names, utilize the HD-Hip conversion tables. Learn the myths behind each constellation. Read data on a host of stars, their distance, magnitude and so forth. See the new star charts which show the curvature of the sky. You will learn how to locate current constellations and how to find principal stars with your naked eyes. Visit

Sky & Telescope: Sky & Telescope is the ideal website for amateurs and experienced stargazers. Read the latest stories in reference to star gazing, learn about celestial objects, view interactive sky charts and make use of interactive observing tools. Amateurs will easily learn the basics of stargazing here. Enjoy stargazing from the comfort of your comfortable sofa. Be a part of observation projects or learn about a astrophotography. One can learn about new astronomy products, learn how to choose the right telescopes and mounts. Enjoy the photo gallery and join clubs and organizations. One is also privy to an event calendar as well. There is a question and answer section one can make good use of too. Visit 

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