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The rings of the Planet Saturn, within our solar system, have puzzled our astronomers since the time that they were discovered. The Explorer Spacecraft missions did provide some answers to some of the questions that resulted from the discovery of those, so called, rings.

The end result is that the rings are composed mostly of millions of chunks of ice of various sizes the are in orbit around Saturn. Where those chunks of ice came from is still a question that remains to be answered. The ice might have come from captured comets that were broke apart and captured, due to the force of the gravity of Saturn. Some astronomers claim that each chunk of ice is or should be a moon of Saturn. Then again, if that is to be believed then every object that orbits the Earth, as well as the other Planets within our Solar System, should also be a moon of each Planet in question, natural or man made. 

Some say that two or more of Saturn's moons collided, as being the cause for the creation of those rings. Then again, the vastness and emptiness of space is not as empty or free of other objects, as once was believed. Tons of ice enters the Earth's atmosphere each days and it is safe to believe that such is the case for the other Planets too. Such objects are nearly impossible to see. As a matter of fact, an object cannot be seen if it is not lit by the radiated light from our Sun.

The reason why those rings appear to have colors if the fact that light is diffused as it passes through those chunks of ice and the end result is seeing each of the colors of the light spectrum. When viewing the rings with a poor quality telescope one can see only shades of grey, rather than colors, such as orange, blue and red.

The point here is that we still do not know how the rings were created but since we can see them with the use of a telescope we know that they are there and will continue to remain in orbit around Saturn until such time that some other object comes along and disturbs the movement of each of those chunks of ice. After which, they will be forced out of orbit or destroyed or captured by the other object or drawn to the surface of Saturn itself.

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