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Astronauts why not Hydronauts

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"Astronauts why not Hydronauts"
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WHY IS THERE so much excitement about "Going to Another World", when we haven't begun to "Explore our Own" yet? We are talking about building a Space Station, and Colonies on the Moon, and living on Mars! I haven't anything against that, however, I believe we should explore and know throughly "Our Own World", before we go to "Another".

Are we running out of Places to Live?, Mineral Resources?, Food?, Water?, Why? How much of our world have we truly explored? Are there not places where we could live Underground that are stable? Do we not have Huge Mountains, where we could bore into them and make Habitats? If we can design "Livable Structures" on the Moon, and Mars, why not design "Living Quarters" for Every Place on Earth?

Have we tamed the Sahara? Why not design Small Cities that could Float Over the sand, enclosed in their own chosen environment, that could keep up with the changing sands so they would be in no danger of being enveloped and buried by them?

And then there is the "Seas". Astronauts?, Why don't we focus on More Scientific Studies on creating Hydronauts? Think of it! 2/3rds of "Our World" is covered by the "Seas". How many Farms do we have on the bottom of them? Seaweed, that even now is being used and consumed by us, can be farmed, and that is just a fraction of the Items that can be gathered for food and medicines.

Billions of tons of minerals can be mined from the hundreds of thousands of years of sediment on the bottom of the seas from the billions of creatures that died and were buried on the bottom. We have Hunter Killer Subs with Nuclear Power that patrol under the seas, why not devote that technology to create Huge Subs that run from Farms and Mines, collecting their products like the tanker ships that carry wasteful petroleum products now?

How many cities do we have out floating on them with huge areas of Solar Disks, along with Tall Towers with fan blades designed to catch the sometimes almost hurricane like winds, and underneath, more Huge Fans that turn with the currents to generate even more power?

If mineral Mud Baths are good for us, like in Arkansas, California, Greece, and other places around the world, think of how better would be the mud on the Bottom of the seas! Think of Huge Resorts sitting on the bottom with all kinds of Mud Baths, Kelp and Seaweed wraps w/fish oil keeping the skin young and firm looking. And of course I must mention that if they can make Soy Burgers from Soy Beans, Then they can make even more kinds of meals out of the abundant Sea Plants to feed the people coming and going from the Sight Seeing Subs filled with tourists learning about our world beneath the seas. And along with them, the rest of the people on Earth.

There can be huge drilling platforms drilling into the core of the earth tapping into the Thermal Layers and using the Heat for Energy. By using the Thermal Energy, and using Wind and Solar Collectors, the Ozone Layer can be Restored and Strengthened! Global Warming would be kept in check!

Yes, I believe we should think Hydronauts, before Astronauts. Don't you think we should learn everything about "Our World", before we try to go to "Another"?

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