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Astrology is it a Science

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"Astrology is it a Science"
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This is one simple answer to this: no, it is not. There are several reason for this, but mainly astrology it is not based on facts and does not accept facts that disproved it.
There are a lot of argument about Astrology to talk about, but I just want to point out a couple of them here, the ones I think are the most convincing.
First of all, Astrology is based on the assumption that celestial bodies can interfere and even dominate the lives of people. It is common knowledge that what we call constellation are arbitrary collection of starts that are really not connected one to anther: they just appears to be so because they are all 'painted' on the sky from the point of view on a fixed observer on Earth surface. Of course this is true on Earth and nowhere else, this means that astrology violates Copernican Principle, a scientific fact that is proved by several observation and experiments. Astrology assumes Earth and human beings have a special place in the Universe, but this is true in no possible way. A hypothetical person born on Mars the same moment as another one born on the Earth would have a totally different horoscope, but this is nonsense: we are all part of the universe and the fact that you are born here or there does not change anything on stars thousands of light-years away.
Another important effect to consider is the Procession of the Equinoxes. This phenomenon is responsible for the terrestrial axes to slowly move in a circle over the millennia. Because of this, the position of the Sun relative to the constellation in a certain period of the years is changing over the ages. Since the astrology fundamentals has been defined many centuries ago, precession had the time to move the constellation of about 30. That means that the relative position of the Sun changed of a whole constellation area, so the astrological sign give to any people by birth date is actually referred to a different constellation as the one where the Sun actually is! In fact astrology gives us a prediction based on sign that is one month away from our birth date. Since astrology is not based on facts and observation, its masters are not aware of the precession and they did not incorporate it in their so-called calculation.
I want to add one last information that is unknown to most people: the horoscopes shown on the paper and TV are disregarded as 'inaccurate' or 'meaningless' by the very people who consider themselves experts in astrology. According to orthodox astrology, actually, every person horoscope must be calculated for that specific person taking into account several other parameters apart from the sign. Of course none of this parameters are actually based on anything truly scientific (exactly like the sign), but this is the final tombstone on the astrological predictions: about 99% of them are dismissed by the very same astrologers that try to sell us the whole subject.
The desire to know more about ourselves and about our future is something that is built-in in every single person, but it is very clear to science that this is probably not possible at all and that astrology does not know any answer to our existential question.

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