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Astrology is it a Science

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"Astrology is it a Science"
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Is Astrology a True Science?

Learning your horoscope can have a tendency to freeze or weaken your willpower and paralyze you with its inaccurate messages. Karma rules the brainless stars and your fate. We are not made in the image of astrology; we are made in the image of God.

Is astrology a true science? Yes it is, but there are few scientists who understand it. You have to be a pretty highly advanced being to be able to tell the karma of a person and his future. And you can make tremendous karma when you influence a person to believe things that you believe to be true, for if you are an astrologer, for every mistake you have made in your astrological chart you are going to take that karma of the individual.

This subject is much too vast to be grasped philosophically and mathematically except by wise men with profound understanding. When ignoramuses misinterpret the stars and see a scribble in place of a script, that can be predictable in such an imperfect world.

This is not a simple business, so if you consider yourself to be an astrologer, start considering what you are saying as one astrologer told a friend, "you will be dead in ten years". Can you imagine a mistake like that? If you tell people that all kinds of terrible things are going to happen to them, it will happen because none of us are positive enough or fearless enough to reject negative ideas or suggestions. We are afraid of the unknown and when someone begins talking about the unknown cautioning us, we are afraid.

You must understand that our whole galaxy or present universe is moving at incredible speeds. Therefore, how are you going to find out the exact planetary conjunctions of a child at birth? Only a master can through his intuition. You see if you are off more than a few seconds you can not have an absolute exact condition. Masters use their intuition and wisdom to recapture the moment. The true master does not depend upon the testimony of clocks and calendars; for him there is a deeper astrology. Not with one-dimensional sensory eyes, but like a bolt of light on a photosensitive film, the master shoots an intuitive photograph of the persons soul and is able to intuitively film his whole life. The physical form is seen by the human eye but the third eye penetrates even more profoundly down to the universal pattern where all men have an individual and integral part wherein the birthday and hour are not necessary for an astrological analysis.

Now our greatest minds of the day can still not understand what the masters are telling us, when is a human being a human being. At one second the moment the spermatozoon fuses with the ovum of the mother there is a huge flash of light in the astral world and the soul goes into that vehicle of light and enters at the base of the spine into the body of the mother. And it is only because the soul is there that the body can develop. It is the intelligence of the soul that develops the body. If only people would listen to the masters and remove their pride there would be less confusion.

Spiritualizing astrology is a very complex subject. If your body is very strong and your mind is powerful, and certain destructive vibrations radiate from the stars due to past karmic blueprints in your subconscious mind, and they begin to shed their rays upon you, there will be no reaction at all because you will be impervious to their rays, your shield is strong. How do you develop this shield? Suppose your body and mind are weak at that particular moment and your biorhythms are low and your immunity is weak due to certain transgressions such as wrong eating, lack of exercise and sexual abuse. What will happen? The cosmic rays will have great power to affect you.

There are certain outward protections, such as astrological bangles that have a specific weight, consisting of three metals combined in a pure form of silver, gold and copper. Certain sizes of diamonds can also be effective. Unfortunately, if you are not spiritually strong the radiation will start affecting you in a destructive way when using large stones as a shield. If you are spiritual, you will absorb the radiation and the magnetic shield will protect you.

An airplane or a house can be fitted with a lightning rod to attract the stun of the lightning and be protected. Just the same way a human temple can be protected from ceaseless magnetic and electrical radiations emanating from the heavens. It was discovered by the sages that when metals are pure in form they transmit an astral light which is a powerful counter measure against the negative pull of the stars and planets.

When the planets decide to take an unfriendly interest in you, worry not as you can protect yourself with an astrological armlet. For more information see chapter 16, "Outwitting the Stars" in the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda, a spiritual classic, which explains this in detail.

The whole idea is that if you do not protect yourself constantly when you are healthy those karmic laws begin to come to collect bills. Children should learn these laws to be able to take care of themselves. You must reprogram the computer of your subconscious mind with strong positive affirmations.

Astrology is a scientific study of the astronomical influences which comes at certain periods of your life according to the planetary conjunctions of certain planets and time specific magnetic fields, attraction and repulsion. And you are born at the very specific time where specific conjunctions are there and which guide your entire life if you do not control your destiny by willpower.

How can you control your destiny? Take Nostradamus, who with great accuracy could see four hundred years into the future happenings of the world. He predicted the colossal drought which is happening in parts of the world today and all the starvation in Africa. You see, the future is already made, the movie is finished. It is all there on the big screen of this cosmic drama. But you can change your destiny. Fate means that you make absolutely no effort to stop all kinds of things from happening to you. You let yourself sink into the misery of the experiences of life because the moment you suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, you start fighting like a wild animal; then you begin to remember who you are. The soul does not evolve, it must be reawakened. The quicker you learn how to control your destiny the less suffering you will have.

When looking within your inner mirror through meditation you attain intuition. Then it will not be necessary to depend upon the limited knowledge of predictive sciences like astrology. You will then have your decoding machine through which you will be able to see the future not from astrological, palm readings or the tarot. You are going to see directly everything concerning you what is coming in the future and therefore you can begin to change. The calm neutralized mind sees all events of the future that appears vividly.

All the prophecies of the happenings on earth as well as human earthy affairs are not necessarily predestined. Previous events that have taken place in a earlier time period have left vibratory images in the ether. There are some who posses a slight amount of psychic ability or power who have a sensitivity and may occasionally tune in and see visual images or mental visions but not as a science or art that can be reliably practiced. Likewise, according to the heavenly ordinance of karmic law of cause and effect vibratory potentials are thrust into the ether of future events and have a likely consequence of causes or effects that were previously initiated. However causes that were originated from human actions and forming as future events are not necessarily inevitable, they change and can evolve drastically according to the actions of man's free choice by transmuting energy and integrating into those cause and effect vibrations. Those who have the ability to link the future and past according to existing conditions can predict a certain outcome. Alter those conditions and the result may cancel out the prediction. By misreading the heavenly scriptural signs and duped by their mind's eye they find themselves embarrassed as doomsday prophets. Very rare and in tune with the divine will, only a real prophet can make accurate and true predictions. When the prophets make known some fortuitous divine plan, years ahead at times, it is a definitive testimony.

Once in a while, veiled in complete mystery definite prophecies are hidden in complex languages and are offered to mankind to reawaken faith and hope of the subtle presence of the hand of God in creation. The same as the movie-director plans out the various scenes in his filming to be projected at the correct and proper time likewise God with His angelic helpers arrange the moment in time for the projection and manifestation of certain magnificent events in the universe. As there is a proper time for all things, the universe runs like a clock mathematically adjusted by the fingers of God and His angelical assistants. When the minds of mundane people are encircled with the inky-mist of ignorance, God sends his prophets and saviors at certain periods in time to redeem the souls that are sunken in darkness. Even the unbelievers are convinced when enlightened seers make prophecies of fourth coming events.

There are vibratory pictures of distant or future events that are now passing through the ether. The vibratory thought patterns of an event that is to occur in the upcoming future is there in the ether now according to the laws and action of cause and effect. You can develop the power of protecting your family from future accidents which are waiting for you according to cosmic laws as the solar system moves, we are moving in to space time continuum where everything is waiting for you as the solar system moves into the news of tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. Everything is already written about your ego, but you are not the ego, you are not made in the image of the stars. Therefore in the degree you change your status as a spiritual being you can change the future; that is, you can change what is going to happen to you. When the future is there waiting for you, you won't be there.

How can you start right now protecting yourself from future accidents? Here is the key. When you get into your car before you start your ignition say these words, "my Lord I have not forgotten you." Just one word of God may save your life, remember that. Just by saying these words you may be saved from a fatal car accident waiting to happen to you.

As long as you question whether or not you will win or lose your battles in life, you will keep on losing. Don't stand still and don't go backward. Most people are engaged in a tug of war or are stationary. Your will power will determine what you are going to do, not your karma, not your horoscope, not your bad habits. Part II continues.

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