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Some people think astrology is a science. Some people take Astrology and their horoscope seriously. These are the same gullible people who buy ten bottles of miracle cleaner from late night TV infomercials because the guy who's selling it says it's the best. Whether these people need something to believe in is not the issue. The issue is that Astrology is a source of entertainment and not one of advice.

If there are people out there who buy it and support it because it entertains them, then that's fine. When there are fanatics who really believe when the moon and stars align correctly that Big John is going to propose, there's a problem. People's lives are filled with enough stress and disappointment; they don't need something else to let them down. When people buy into it too much, there's not enough room in their minds for something real.

Science is real and Science is proven. Science gets support because of the facts it has proven. These people who call themselves astrologists are simply frauds. They rip people off. They may not knowingly rip them off, because they may believe it is true as well. Where do they get their divine wisdom to predict lives?

A person could actually prove to himself that Astrology is not reliable as a science or a source of facts. All he would have to do is read more than one horoscope to realize that they are made up. Were this actually a science or even something based on fact, instead of fantasy, this couldn't happen. Science is based on laws. Laws would prevent this from happening. If you look into what is written there, they write things to make people feel like they are strong or intelligent. These are the things that everyone likes to hear. Do you know anyone who doesn't appreciate a compliment or a suggestion that they are fortunate or intelligent? When certain people see this, it makes them want to believe. Every person would like it if something important happened every month. It's simply not true that astrologists can predict changes in your life. They also cannot tell you what kind of person you are without actually knowing you. The only person who can make your life change is you.

Yes, it is true that occasionally you could read your horoscope and say "Wow! That really did happen!" They're bound to get one right sooner or later. If "Astrologists" keep making them up, someone is going to keep believing. People have to look at Astrology for what it actually is instead of what they want it to be. If they could take a few minutes to analyze what it is they are reading and question it, they would come to the realization that to believe that something happened because astrologists said it would is unreasonable. To believe that astrologists could get one right on accident or by chance is reasonable. People need to think about what it is that they are getting into. If the believers took a little time to ask themselves if this really can be true, they may end up with some doubt. And doubt is a sign of thinking instead of just believing because someone said they should believe. If people need something to grasp because reality is too cruel, they should try a religion.

Astrology is good for fun and entertainment. Anything beyond using it for fun is unhealthy. Look at Astrology for what it is, instead of what the astrologists want you to think it is. People are being manipulated into believing something that isn't there. This is the same reason that you won't send money to those preachers on TV. You have seen why some of them want money and now you have doubt. People need to be alert this same way with everything. There should be a good reason to be a believer in anything. "He said so" is not good enough.

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