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In order to know your self-worth the understanding that you are here in the world as an individual is important. You have unique traits and you must use them to fulfill your purpose here on earth. Avoid comparing yourself with anyone else or belittle yourself or your purpose. In fact the success of others should aid you to discovering your purpose and pursuing it. If they have done it I can do it.

Since your purpose here on earth to fulfill a specific assignment, it would be wise not to copy or imitate. If you pursue another person's purpose you will never be satisfied. In fact you will always be on the look out for a person ahead of you so you can imitate them. It's important to value yourself enough, such that you have trust in your capability to fulfill a greater purpose.

These would cause you to take steps towards the best direction. The direction of being you, for no one will beat you at this. In the process of discovering your self-worth on has to first align their priorities. Your maker should always take the first place followed by you. For God is the one who brought us in this world and if He did it's because there is a unique purpose for us. For He never made anything without a purpose e.g. sun, moon, or stars they all have their purpose.

You should take the second place for you can never learn how to treat yourself or others if you don't first know your self-worth. Knowing your self-worth will aid you to fulfill your purpose with confidence. It's time do an overhaul of your inner man and outer man, our attitude thinking and way we doing things should portray a picture of our self-worth. For how you feel about yourself has away of being reflected by how you treat others, speak or even your outward appearance. Hence your self-confidence or the lack of it cannot be hidden.

No one can change in a day it's important to take a step at a time. One should continually ask themselves, what they have done each day to reach their destination. If nothing they should make a resolution to take even the tiniest of steps. Are you tied of feeling lousy about your self? Improve your self image. If you look and dress lousily you will feel lousy. It would be unwise to expect different results if you have not changed your input or way of doing things.

It does not matter what others say, it's all about you. And if you feel good and you are doing your best it's a matter of time before your story changes. You can easily influence how others think or treat you if you have confidence in yourself. No one can add your self-worth. Never put your life on hold because of another person e.g. your mate. Or center your life on someone else, for if they fail your hope will crumble and your world will collapse on you. You have given them too much power than you ought to.

Never confine your self by your thinking pattern, make a choice to change anything you don't like about yourself, every day. Don't try too much. Remember no one is better than you quit feeling like a lesser being. If you have not achieved your goal today there is always tomorrow. And you have a chance to shape your tomorrow today. Your opinion and how you see yourself is what matters. What you allow in your system shapes you. Make sure you keep garbage out.

Your body craves for what you feed it. Be it information or food. If you allow yourself to think your lacking in various ways, no matter how may people tell you otherwise you will not hear! That is if, you have chosen to embrace a certain sentiment and not let go. Don't be caged or confined by your thinking there is always a better way out. You will never be interested in anything until you take interest in it. You must make resolutions to adjust, and then take a step towards your goal. One must be persistent in her quest to be better no matter how hard the changes may feel at first soon, within no time it will be next to nature.
First get a comprehensive idea of what you want out of life then take steps towards it. It's wise not to live without a plan. Because lack of a plan and target will lead you to settling for anything that comes your way. Make a resolution to Stand-out from the crowd be an original not a copy. Be treadsetter,
evaluate, analyze, and audit your life daily. Be it your words, how you spent your time, if you could have been more productive, or what you failed to do. Simply be accountable and make resolution to better yourself. This will not only aid you to know your self-worth but it will increase it.

Never assume anything; all things around you are there for a purpose, and it s up to you to use the resources availed to you to maximum. Enjoy the people around you without expecting anything from them. Remember not all people will agree with you. Be ready to move, when its time to move on; keep the company of people who fuel you to your purpose. Remember behind every closed door there is always a better opportunity ahead. Avoid bad habits, i.e. any habit that only draws and never adds to you. It limits you and waste your time.

A sober mind is required always. Addictions are dangerous and are an enemy to your self-worth. For you will always be defined by your addictions, even long after you have quit. This can be dangerous if you are not confident about yourself. Addictions can take much of your time unnecessarily and one might loose focus, for they put you out of touch with reality. And when you note how far they've drugged you back it might be too late. Some people stop trying on realization and give up not only their purpose but even their lives. Addictions are time and money consuming. Too much of anything is dangerous. That's why it is important to evaluate your actions daily, so you can check-out before it's too late

It's advisable to always have a Positive Mental Attitude that is be optimistic. Never let the past limit your future. Don't be limited by your limitations. Where you cannot do it alone, team work is requires. Your ability to join up with others to accomplish a task shows how mature you are.

When it's hard to hold on surround your self with people who will encourage you. Though caution should be used to approach any relationship, don't be too cautious to enjoy. Life is too short; take risks don't be afraid to fail. For we also learn from failures, failure is not final. Dust yourself and continue with the race. Be a self encourager. You can be too careful and wind up facing what you feared most and after you face it you wonder why you feared it in the first place. Have a made up, unswerving mind that you will succeed.

Never tie your life or self-worth to your possessions or titles. Learn to separate them. Just because you did not succeed today does not mean you will always fail. You're worth a billion dollars and more live like it. Don't be limited by fear, sometimes until you learn to throw caution to the wind, you can never succeed. Trust your Maker He feeds and protects the birds and not one of them can die without His knowledge. You are of more importance than a bird.

Avoid making emotional decisions i.e. decision tied up to circumstances. When the circumstances seize you will loose zeal to continue. Have an open mind; it is key to your unlocking your self-worth. Don't limit your self you can do anything you set your mind to do. So the question is how much are you worth?

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