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"Assessing your own self Worth"
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Only truly confident, well balanced individuals can get close to accurately assessing their own self worth. Even when an individual is able to do so, their opinion is speculative. People are far more likely to either overestimate, or more usually, underestimate their value as a person.

The reason for this difficulty in assessment is due to our inability to see the whole of ourselves in a non biased fashion. We are better suited to correctly to assessing another person than we are at judging ourselves. When we attempt to examine ourselves our view may be blighted by our emotions, self esteem and needs.

All of us are, in fact, worthy. However, when we suffer from a low level of self esteem we are prone to judging ourselves harshly, and therefore having a negative idea about our own worth.

Our true friends are better able to give us an idea about us, as they see us, than we are able to determine by ourselves. Even though this is so, it is how we feel about ourselves which is the most important factor. When we speak of self worth, we are generally referring to how we feel about ourselves, rather than how worthy others judge us to be. If we feel that our self worth is low, the chances are that we need a confidence boost.

Keeping a list of our good points, talents and achievements can help us by providing a constant reminder that we are worthy. All of us have positive aspects about us. The problem with self esteem comes when we spend too little time remembering them and instead, dwell on the negative aspects.

At the same time many people are prone to exaggerating their negative traits, or seeing negativity where there is none. Constantly going over our poorer points, and telling ourselves that they are all that we are made of can leave us deflated, and depressed.

Our judgement of ourselves and our worth can be dependent on many factors, including what we regard to be worthy traits in people in general. If we don't measure up to our own self imposed ideals, we may see ourselves in a poor light.

We may also be affected by how others have judged us fairly, or unfairly, in the past. If their assessment of us was wrong, we may not realise this and may join in with their negative opinion of us.

At the end of the day each persons self worth is not entirely measurable. The best that we can all hope to do is to try to be good people who care about others, respect our environment and strive to be all that we can positively be. When we behave in this manner we are surely worth a lot.

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