Assessing UFO Conspiracy Theories

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"Assessing UFO Conspiracy Theories"
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Many people think that UFO stories are made up, and just a figment of the persons imagination. In this article I'm going to assess the conspiracy theories in relation to UFO's. Recent polls have deducted that most Americans believe their government is retaining valuable evidence in regards to UFOs. The more people witness UFO sightings and related incidents, it seems the more there are cover ups, and conspiracy theories to persuade the whole world that facts are indeed fiction.

In 1943 during the West Coast Air Raid there were UFOs seen over Los Angeles. Anti Aircraft artillery went into full action, delivering over 4000 rounds. It is also reported that several people had heart attacks due to the sighting of the UFO's. The government put the incident down to wartime nerves, casting aside any thoughts that these were actual sightings of unidentified flying objects. However, in later documentation the government revealed that the incidents had troubled them at the time.

The famous Roswell incident was also covered up by the government. Instead of the flying disc that people had witnessed crash, the government put it down to a weather balloon, they said that the object had been misidentified. Project Sign was introduced in 1947. It was later named Project Grudge and finally Project Blue Book. Edward J Ruppelt, the director of the book, reported that the US Air Force were secretive and transparent in their associations with UFOs. There was a report undertaken in Project Sign that proved flying saucers were real and extraterrestrial in origin. The director of the book went on to report that Hoyt Vandenberg, Air Force Chief of Staff, demanded that this information be destroyed, in 1948. Conspiracy theories have been going on for years, and most likely will continue to do so.

1973 was a year when substantial evidence was found towards the US government keeping valuable information to themselves. Also suggested in this year was the fact that the government had direct relations with extraterrestrial beings. Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler, from California, contacted Norton Air Base as they required information for a documentary they were filming. Officials at the air base suggested that they put genuine footage of a UFO landing at Holloman Air Force Base, in New Mexico. Emenegger reported that while on a tour of the air base he found valid information that U.S. military sources had been communicating with aliens. The documentary was released in 1974, but no film footage of UFOs landing were in the film. The landing of the UFO at Hollomon was discussed in the documentary with illustrations of the incident, no actual film footage was shown.

To this day there are still conspiracy theories going on. Former Canadian Senior Minister in the Cabinet, Paul Hellyer stated in 2005 that the US military are preparing weapons which can be used against aliens. He feared that the military could get us into a space war without warning to the public.

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