Assessing UFO Conspiracy Theories

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Ever since 1947 the number of reported UFO sightings has rocketed beyond the orbit of the Earth and is now as far out as the furthest planet in our Solar System named Pluto. We all know that UFOs' are not a recent phenomenon; they have been in the myths and legends of Earth for thousands of years. The bible clearly records events, which seem to describe prophets ascending into the sky upon clouds belching fire. There are many Greek legends of their gods riding Chariots with flames spewing out the back being dragged across the heavens by steeds belching the four winds from their mouths.

In the stories of the conquests of Alexander the Great, there were several recorded incidents of UFO sightings. In one, in the year 332BC while sieging the Town of Tyrus, he and his army of thousands saw five flying shields, moving in a triangular formation with four other smaller shields following. In a crack of thunder released by one of the flying shields; part of the wall, which surrounded the town, was effectively destroyed in one single devastating blast, allowing Alexander and his army to take the town without much trouble.

Pictures of Ancient Astronauts' have been found throughout the world. Stories of these Ancient Astronauts' are prolific in every culture that has existed on this planet, from the most Ancient peoples, the Aboriginals of Australia (10000BC) to the ancient Sumerians (5000BC) to the less ancient Egyptians (2500BC) to the time of Alexander the Great (300BC). From Roman to Medieval times (0BC 1300 AD), to the present day (the Roswell Incident).

UFOs have been with us since the conception of mankind and may even be responsible for the Creation of Mankind though Genetic manipulation. The legend that I talk about is the Sumerian Stories of the Annunaki. There is very hard ancient evidence that suggests that we have been visited by these 'Ancient Astronauts', this evidence is in the form of a Sumerian Cylinder seal which has a depiction of the Solar System with all the planets in their correct order and sizes. You may think this is not a big deal apart from this seal has been carbon dated to 3000 years BC, making it 5000 years old! Secondly our modern scientific knowledge of the planets was only completed by the discovery of Pluto in the 1930s and thirdly the representation of the solar system found on the cylinder seal is slightly different from our scientific understanding, in that, it lists the Planets, from outside of the Solar System to the inside of the Solar System. This could only of been achieved if the Observers were flying in from outside of the Solar System!

For the end of my article I would like to define what the word conspiracy' means in the English Language; 1. A secret plan or agreement to carry out an illegal or harmful act, especially politically motivated; i.e. to plot. 2. The act of making such plans in secret.

The word to conspire' means; 1. To plan or agree on a crime or harmful act together in secret. 2. To act together to some end as if by design. 3. To plot together.

So if asked if the UFO phenomena is a conspiracy, I would reply that the word conspiracy is a fairly recent English word and yet the UFO phenomena can be recorded to being many more thousands of years older than our Western Society. So I put it to you; how can conspiracy theories and UFOs' be connected, they can't.

The only conspiracy that is occurring with the UFO phenomena is the conspiracy by the world's governments' to withhold the most important scientific discovery ever known to mankind; that UFOs exist and they are not from this world.

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