Assessing UFO Conspiracy Theories

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"Assessing UFO Conspiracy Theories"
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I think if there really were little green men or if we really were being visited by creatures from other worlds that we would have all seen them by now. I mean, how daft are we to believe that spaceships, UFOs or whatever you want to call them could have visited our planet in the numbers in which they supposedly have over the years without our knowing about it?

Conspiracy theory my ar.... Rather, the conspiracy is to keep us all wondering, wanting to know if visitors from other worlds really come and call now and again. If so, why? Why not visit properly, have a drink, find out about us? If they are clever enough to come all that way by some transportation unknown yet to us, then why have they not made contact and would it really be probable that they had only made contact with the 'right' people - those in government, those in secret areas?

Where I live there was a major 'incident' in the 1980s where an air base was 'visited' by a craft which landed in the woods. However, the only testimonies you see are those from people 'now retired' or from people who made good money selling the story who lived nearby. The rest of us only a few miles away? Nothing, nada, no lights, no sound, no little green men, nothing!


We humans have wonderful imaginations. Throughout the years we have enjoyed the unknown, the what ifs and the possibilities of other worlds, other dimensions and the idea of being visited by creatures from other galaxies is just another of these wonderful, but implausible feats of our imagination. It has been shown that most 'unknowns' actually have a good explanation. Fire balls in the air are now known to be ball lightning, landing on the moon has happened, space travel has happened. Many UFO sightings can be explained by weather phenomenon and many other things which once we thought of as mystical and unexplained have long since been clarified and understood as our knowledge of nature and science increases.

There is a God I am sure of that but little green men? Dream on!

I read about peoples' abduction experiences and I have no doubt that they believe they were taken on a space ship, examined and returned to earth but there is little difference in most of the stories, which makes me believe in a far better explanation - dreams!

Many intelligent and trustworthy people have testified that they have seen 'something' in the sky, from flying crosses to ligts and saucer shapes but how many videos are there that can be verified? Why is there never more than a vague blob or slight hint of light on the screeen when things are filmed yet when amateur films are made of robbers, train crashes and other events, the detail is as clear as day?

Conspiracy theories keep us interested, they explore the what-ifs and possibilities but what they explore most of all is the breadth and depth of the human imagination!

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