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Assessing the Scientific Possibilities behind the Matrix

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"Assessing the Scientific Possibilities behind the Matrix"
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With technology pushing the outer limits of our imagination to where these percieved notions are reality is actually feasible in some aspects..However, I look to the phsycologic view and imagine if we were entrapped by this fantasy of the mind as we speak..In order to grasp and understand this theory,we must place ourselves in this light and work our way out from there...

As you look around the room do you attempt to "peer through " the accepted walls that you percieve to be reality? Do you wonder if what you sense and touch , taste and feel is not you , but a preordained condition of which there is another dimension,an outer world that you cannot breach?

Do you search your mind for some hidden answer,trying to recollect old memories that might hold a clue or some hint of truth? Is there a sudden ache for an question that is waiting to be asked? Do you think that death is not an end to the human equation , but a completion of a program that has run its course?

Certainly we have the knowledge and the ability to make such a scenario possible,but should we? Either willingly or erringly ignorant of our achievements throughout the history of man,we have put ourselves forth in the chase for science and have made great, if dangerous , strides.

I have watched the human race become a power of thier own,defying the great creator by elevating themselves to where they too, want to be God..

We have harnessed the power of the atom,held back mighty rivers,launched ourselves to the outer limits of our skies and beyond.. Would it surprise me that in some way we are a miniscule lab test cooked up in a petrie dish? What if all we are is what there is,how are we to know? Where exactly,did the spark of human intelligence ignite? What spawned our inner thought and ideas that would someday bring us to what we are today? We can marvel at what we have accomplished, and we are moving steadily towards the day when computers will have the power and the ability to perform such actions..What will set it forth is some unnamed scientist who wants to play Frankenstien and give a computer automonous functions..Someone somewhere will write a program for it,
We have unmanned aircraft,subs,space probes ,soon these same devices will be given specific tasks without human intervention,the law of chaos desribes the horror that follows...

Simply stated,if machines are created with AI,when do the pupils become the master?

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