Assessing the Future of Human Evolution

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"Assessing the Future of Human Evolution"
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My prediction for the future regarding human evolution? Less men! Yeah, you heard right. Less men. Or to be more accurate, perhaps I could say less power for men.

Now I bet I know what you're thinking by reading a statement like that. That I'm obviously some militant, man-hating woman that is merely dreaming of a world where the sloppier and less refined members of the species simply "go away".

But nothing could be further from the truth as I'm actually what you'd call a manly man type of guy that lifts weights and exercises consistently to stay in shape. And I'm also a very observant person that has noticed that the ladies seem to taking over EVERYTHING lately. Why, there could even be a woman president after the next election if Hillary surprises the pundits and makes a comeback against Barack. But that's a topic for another article, so I'll leave that one alone right now.

As I was saying, the ladies seem to be capable of doing everything us men do, and dare I say it, but many times better than we do. Cause let's face it guys, we've always known they're smarter than us, right? Even in primary school, the girls were always the smarty pants of the class while us boys usually sat in the corner wearing that silly pointed hat (some of us).

If history has taught us anything in human evolution, it's all about brains. That's what allowed a physically small and somewhat slow creature to rise to the top of the food chain, our intelligence. Besides, you don't even need physical strength in today's era as most jobs either don't require it, or there's a machine to help with the task. All that extra weight and mass us guys carry around is only going to cost us down the road when leaner and meaner will guarantee survival.

What I'm seeing more frequently over the last decade is that the old boys' club is actually breaking down, bit by bit, so that very soon the ladies will have the real power in this world. In reality, they've always had the power but us males were pretty good at making them think we had it. But not any longer.

The gig is up now guys. The majority of university graduates will be women. They will rise to the top of the corporate or institutional ladder, and very soon the world will reflect their sensibilities and logic.

And that is not a bad thing as far as I'm concerned, because I like the ladies a heck of a lot more than the guys. As I said before, they've got the brains. They're definitely much prettier to look at, and no one can argue that they're a lot cleaner and better organized. I could go on and on here, but you get my point, right?

The difference now and looking to the future is that women now believe they possess the necessary qualities to ensure their survival without the dominance of the opposite gender. They have thrown off the old notion of simply getting married and having babies for life fulfillment as most have discovered that they'd like to have a rewarding and exciting life, and in a non-traditional way.

This will have huge repercussions for our species as women are given more of a say in matters that are specific to them, most notably birth control. If a large percentage of women decide to forsake motherhood so that they can pursue a career, the implications will have a profound effect on population levels. This is already happening in many European countries that are recording population declines over the last decade.

And for those naysayers who would question a world run primarily by women, all you have to do is look at the animal kingdom and see that it might not be that bad. I know in the big cat world the ladies have always been very independent. The males serve their specific function of mating, when the females are ready of course, and everything else is left up to the ladies. And that's worked really well in their societies for years, so I'm looking forward to the future and what it holds for our species.

After all, it would be really hard for women to mess things up any more than we've managed to do since the beginning of human history.

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