Assessing the Future of Human Evolution

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"Assessing the Future of Human Evolution"
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This is going to sound like science fiction for most people who read this article, but don't be swayed it may be evolution of mankind in the future. If you believe in evolution that is?

The future of human evolution will be determined by many sources, nanotechnology, cloning, biophysics, stem cells, biophysics and society just to name a few. If we put nanotechnology, biophysics and cloning together the possibilities are endless of what we could change in the future about mankind. How you ask? This is where the fun begins.

Through the use of nanotechnology we are capable of placing millions of bits of information on a single molecule. This type of technology can change many aspects of mankind. For instance lets say that during the cloning process using gene mapping, biophysics and nanotechnology they are capable of changing certain characteristics of a embryo before it is placed into a womb. This could result in changing the way the brain makes certain connections after the embryo is born, which in turn, could result in the baby being able to speak as soon as they come out of the womb. The baby could also have any hair color, eye color, any gender, height and so on...The possibilities are endless here. It will be possible for parents to choose all aspects of how there baby will turn out. Society may dictate how your baby will turn out and you may not have a choice in the future. This will all be for the betterment of mankind? Yeah right!

Now let's look at embryonic stem cells. We do have the capabilities of injecting humans right now with these cells but not the knowledge of its outcome. When they do decide to go through with injecting humans with this type of cell, with the use of nanotechnology, we will be in control of how the cells divide and what characteristics they will have. The only problem with this is getting there they will have to kill many embryos before they get the desired result. They will say that this research is to better the health of mankind to cover up the testing and killing of many embryos.

Adult stem cells are also being used today, which are somatic, meaning the part of the neuron containing the cells nucleus which controls the nervous system and controls voluntary movement. These cells, can be found in children and adults. Once again we can use nanotechnology to change the way we process information and mediate behavior. Once these things are done we all will be capable of using 100% of our brain power and all have a behavior that society has agreed upon.

In our modern times, right now, all of our natural resources are running out. These technologies, I have discussed, could make it possible to make people smaller so they consume less of natural resources. It could also be possible to make new resources for energy and a modern day Jetsons where we use nanotechnology to learn how to propel our aircraft using the air molecules underneath the aircraft or car or spaceship for that matter. There is no end in sight as to what we are capable of changing in the future. All the tools are in place to achieve these things, now it is time for them to all come together to make it a reality instead fiction.

In closing, I would just like to say, I do not believe in evolution! God is the only one who can change the future of mankind. We can only foretell what our worldly minds can think up, not what God has planned for us in the future. Thank you for reading may article I hope it helps you someway, somehow.


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