Assessing the Future of Human Evolution

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"Assessing the Future of Human Evolution"
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What I am concerned for is whether there will be much human evolution in the future. I do not think most humans are ready to face what they are to be in the future, whilst advances in technology seem to promise people ever greater intelligence, happiness, and peace of mind. The problem for me is people's (and so my) desire for the future of human evolution to unfold as it is planned to do so, whatever are these plans people are making for the whole of human evolution.

These plans are wholly futile, and can only serve to slow the pace of human evolution. Though some may say implanting nanatechnology into people will quicken human evolution, these chips will in no sense quicken human evolution; they are only making people dependent upon technology so they may assume a more evolved human form. Therefore, human evolution can be nearly paralyzed as human's become dependent upon technology for their evolution. And plans to better evolve our species involve the implantation of technology for people's self-betterment. Human's justly can remember technology is a tool to use for wholly personal purposes, and therefore we should do our best not depend on it and rather minimize it's use to personal needs for a person's evolution.

So we can't fashion human evolution with the technologies in use today-if people are to evolve on their own toward their own most actualization of the selves they are to be. To continue to understand who people are and what they want to be, we must not try and fix human problems as if they were malfunctions in a computer. People must be listened to and accepted; though not necessarily found to be agreeable. All of the "inherently human" biases and prejudices will dissolve the moment a person, while listening to an other, sees this unique other as this other with an actuality which transcends all he can know about him/her.

To let people be beyond whatever I may come to know about them is to finally open my eyes and see I am listening to someone who in no sense is me and has totally different needs and wants from me. It can be said our needs and wants are comparable; though this person is, by his/her every decision, transcending how I can compare myself to him/her. To just let a person go, to let him/her live into his/her future -perhaps knowing you or I can often be there listening to him/her-is to allow a person the inherent freedom to choose to become a mature adult. Mature adults are very rare in a mass-culture which wishes to know for certain what a mature adult is always to be.

So, to continue to evolve, humans learn our destiny is not in our hands. Still, we can continue to realize who we are so each person may learn to take a different life's-course whenever he/she needs to. Human evolution is not for better or for worse. It is to continue revealing our unfolding human destiny without hope of being able to have control over our destiny's very unfolding.

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