Assessing the Future of Human Evolution

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"Assessing the Future of Human Evolution"
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To assess the future of human evolution, let us first look at the term evolution itself and how did human evolved to who we are in today.

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution stated that man evolved from the apelike ancestor around 40,000 years ago. The process of the evolution is due to the different environment and conditions our ancestors lived in. Based on the requirement of life, we become what we are today.

In the past, our ancestors were strong and ragged. As technology improved, Man no longer need to be as strong as before. With the tools available, Man required lesser strength to do work. With improvement in the humanity, Man uses his brain more than his limbs. This further changes the outlook of human into how we appear today.

Now let us assess the future of human evolution. Basically, I have 2 perspectives on the future of human evolution to share. One is the evolution through human creation himself and the other one is human evolving through the natural selection.

For the first perspective, due to our current advancement in science and technology, we could already duplicate ourselves using a single cell from our body. Isn't it scary? If this is not controlled, how would the life be in the future?

I could not really imagine how our life would be in future based on this evolution. It is something that is heart-capturing where we would get a feeling of 'emptiness'. This is when the middle and lower class human without the technology became slaves to the one in control of the technology. Everyone is computed and built in a way another human wants. Soon, you would not know who is duplicated and who came from the natural birth from a woman. What is more interesting is to see yourself in front of you. Having the same quality as you or even better in every sense could hurt you and bring you down to the elimination status.

The other perspective is based on the conservative human evolution using Darwin's theory of evolution. Based on natural selection, human would become a 'big head', small body species in the future due to the need to use our brain more. Based on Darwin's theory of evolution, our body type changes as our environment changes. Hence, due to global warming in the whole world and the globalization of our present world, all the nationality and races could evolve into similar appearance in the future. As temperature rises, our skin gets darker. And as the world gets smaller due to the advanced technology, we could become alike. Everyone would be seen as a same species with big head (where bigger brings a better social status), smaller body and darker skin. This is an interesting evolution for the mankind in the future.

In the whole time line of evolution, it is all about the survival of the fittest. We changes according to the needs to keep us alive. Hence, based on this theory, I came out with the 2 possibilities we can get in future. One is the conventional way, while the other is the advanced evolution of evolution.

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