Assessing the Future of Human Evolution

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"Assessing the Future of Human Evolution"
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Wondering about the future evolution of the human race is an exciting and hopeful process. Based on the great adaptations our species has done in order to thrive, it is safe to say that human beings will be capable of things we might think impossible now.

Everything changes; else it becomes stagnant and rots. Although changes to our species (or any other species) might seem frightening at first, it is a remarkable way of life transcending our narrow definitions of existence. There is nothing neither good nor bad inherent in change it's just change.

Within the next hundred years, our species had to either evolve a consciousness beyond our own individual comforts or else our species will suffer. The rest of the planet will undoubtedly suffer, too, unless human beings get a glimpse of the wider perspective of their impact on this planet. Human beings will either evolve empathy with all life or they will destroy themselves.

It is possible that human beings will become more and more infertile in the next few generations. We are already seeing the catastrophic effects of human overpopulation everywhere on the plant even in the melting of remote Artic glaciers centuries before they are supposed to melt. We are rapidly running out of resources such as fuels, food and land for homes. The world is not enough for all of us.

And this seems to be manifesting in the unusual amount of senseless violence, drug addictions and mental illness that is affecting modern human beings. There always has been senseless violence, drug addiction and mental illness in the human race and undoubtedly will continue, but not at the rate of today. It seems that all of us realize on a subconscious level that there isn't enough to go around. We're scared and taking it out on others.

Some say that a great world-changing event will happen in 2012. The odds are that any world-changing event will happen very gradually over several generations. I hope that humans will finally realize that we are all important and all need to help each other. Life is far more than acquiring a bunch of stuff. What our actions do today will have just as strong an impact on the future as if we were still alive then.

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