Assessing the Future of Human Evolution

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"Assessing the Future of Human Evolution"
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Assessing the future of human evolution

I associate evolution with development, and even though I do not believe in the "theory of evolution", I do believe in progress. I believe that all life on Earth adapts to its surroundings in order to survive; and when given the proper training (read the proper challenges, trials, and tribulations), if the life form is strong enough, and has the proper will to survive, it will grow and develop skills not seen before in the specified species.

I believe that humans have the inherent need to control their environment, surroundings, and destiny. We were created with free will, and the strength to use it. And as so, we have the capabilities to make our planet a better place, or to a waste dump of degeneration, pain, suffering, desperation, and death.

The problem I see in our future is our willful choosing of the easy path versus the path that actually produces growth. When our people find themselves jobless, instead of rising to the occasion, they use whatever little money they have for drugs and alcohol. When our people cannot find a job that suits their ego, they rather collect welfare than lowering their status to do a job considered beneath their position in society. In order to achieve fame, people try to do it the easy way, they do something stupid, post it on the web, and when they get enough "hits", they believe they achieved fame. To me this is absurd. When you do a U-Tube video of yourself kicking your own head, you don't need to kick your head anymore, you need someone to examine it. To them, those who succeed are called sell outs, and they see no reason to work hard when they can get a free check from the government, or from anyone for that matter.

On the other hand, we have two other kinds of people, first, we have the ones who use their skills, knowledge, and acquired power to accumulate more power and control over their brethren; and the second kind are those who use their skills, knowledge, and acquired power to make a difference in society.

The first kind, the "A" type personality, business oriented people, live their lives to make money one way or another, sometimes stepping on others on their way to success, and do almost everything they can to accumulate wealth and power. Thanks to those, we have attained new highs never dreamed before. We landed on the moon; America was always at the forefront of invention and science, and we came up with the cure of most known illnesses in the world; while accumulating riches and authority. Some of these wolves (not all of them, but a small percentage) are the criminals who prey on the defenseless.

The second kind of people is the philanthropist. People I respect greatly because they have learned to put others needs in front of theirs. Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama, and many others who don't allow riches and powers to corrupt their hearts. Some of these do become extremely rich and powerful, but never forget where they came from, thus making new inroads in the war against poverty, drugs, and illnesses. We however need to be careful, because as much as we want to believe that these people are working for the welfare of humanity, some of them are in reality, wolves in sheep's clothes.

These three kinds of people rule the world. Those who lay down and allow life to go by, will see history being made and will never understand the secret of success, while benefiting from the work of others. Those who only care about riches and power, will continue to improve society, will continue to succeed, and will continue to direct the course of history. While the benefactors, will continue to work for the well being of society. The more life changes, the more it stays the same.

We will continue to evolve; life will continue to be complicated. America will continue to be challenged, and we will continue to rise to the occasion.

As long as we untie the hands of the entrepreneur, and continue to develop the minds of our youth with the right kind of knowledge, not propaganda, but real knowledge of science, mathematics, and history; and as long as we continue to hold dear the untimely values of old, freedom, courage, hard work, selflessness, honor, loyalty, kindness, respect, and continue to be proud of our Nation, we will continue to prosper, and develop the skills needed to survive in the future.

The future evolution of our Planet is only limited by our imagination. We say how far we will go. However, I do not see a race of superhuman people, or us developing wings or anything like that. We will continue to be normal people with two eyes, and two ears, two legs, boring old human beings.

And about the future of the "theory of evolution; well, we will continue looking for the missing link to prove that Darwin was right, but if I am right, and I think that I am, it will never be found, believers in evolution will continue mocking believers in the Creation, and in Intelligent Design, and we will continue to assert that even if we came out of the primordial ooze, someone or something was there first: God.

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