Assessing the Future of Human Evolution

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"Assessing the Future of Human Evolution"
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I, for one, do not believe in evolution. God created each and every one of us in a uniqueness all our own. However, I do believe in adaptation! Different species that are said to evolve, merely means they adapted.

I truly believe that scientist and other have evolution and adaptation mixed up.
Certain species have had to adapt to their surroundings. Mainly climate and changes in their particular situations.

What will the future hold for "Adaptation" will merely depend what we as a human race do or create our situation to be. For instance, your typical the Cave Man seemed to be covered with hair, once he discovered fire he no longer needed that much hair to stay warm. The body merely adapted and shed hair. Also I'm quiet sure he moved around and different climates would produce the same effect. I wonder if the Eskimo did not have the means of clothing that we now have, would they not have more hair than we do. Common sense tells you yes. So by the same token if something else is created or done to change our environment, as fire did, then I would think that it is common sense that we will adapt.

One of the things I for-see is how will we adapt to Global warming? If we remain. It is certain it has become alot warmer in our climate just from the time I was a child. If we did not have the luxury of scientist to tell us about global warming, we still would know. As a child I remember deep snows in the geographical area I live at least one or more every winter. Now snow is like a foreign substance, that once every few winters we get a slight hint, that it is so scare, it is hard to call it snow. So with this, I really believe in global warming without anyone saying that it exists. I would say that this environmental change would take a great number of years before it affects us to the point that our bodies adapt.

As technology advances that too could require a need for us to adapt. In this area, I believe that it will have to be the human brain that adapts. They say we that over seventy percent of our brain is not used. I believe that the brain in itself will adapt using a larger percent to be able to handle and understand the technology. I am not so sure that this has not already occurred. My grandchildren are more more advanced than my generation. Babies born now can hold they're on head up practically at birth whereas the head use to need support until about the age of three months.

There have been huge advancement in agriculture. Will our bodies not have to adapt to the changing of our food supplies. I believe this has been why there was an increase in cancers. Our food supplies changed before adaption took place. Which for so many is sad that our bodies did not adapt quicker to the changes in our food supplies.

This article is written primarily from a, what if, stand point of view. What would be nice to see is the human race evolved into the understanding of a sovereign God. For those of who have already reached this wonderful enlightenment, we pray for those who have not.

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