Assessing the Future of Human Evolution

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"Assessing the Future of Human Evolution"
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It has been speculated by some that humans are ready to evolve, need to evolve and if we as a species do not evolve it will be our doom. Not that it would really matter in the great scheme of things. It would be a shame, however, to lose it all just as many of us are acknowledging the truth about ourselves. As the species flourished and patterns of human behavior developed and solidified over the eons, the purpose of our existence got lost in a false sense of superority and a deeply seated desire for material wealth. Probably the greatest loss for humans was their loss of respect for the planet we live on.

What if humans were chosen to help intellect experience form? Imagine living in the dark, unable to feel anything except the realization of your existence. Knowing you are here but living in a senseless void of black nothingness. As time passes and thought progresses so does the ability to create. Soon you find yourself filled with the wonder of light and color and shapes. Shapes become form and there are other creations that go well beyond the minerals, plants, water and gases that exist in greater conformity. You decide these are excellent forms in which to experience the multitude of sensations that you knew could exist but until now hadn't found a reasonable vehicle to use. So now you feel all the emotional, mental and physical sensations that are possible in these forms. It occurs to you that this could be a new and interesting way to be - at least part of you - for a while. All those sensations coming from millions of billions of individual life forms - all at the same time.

Earth sits in the Milky Way galaxy which, as far as we humans have been able to determine, is void of any sentient life other than on our own planet. The majority of humans on the planet consider themselves to be the superior species, despite obvious proof that they are not. A colony of ants is clearly superior to humans when it comes to building the community, feeding the group as a whole, living in harmony with one another and everyone working to support the species; if the hill is seriously damaged, in a very short time all repairs are quickly and efficiently completed. When left to their own devices animals can live off the planet and survive within their species for thousands of years without the need to ravage the planet, dominate other species or use more land than they need. Even though some species have territories it is for the purpose of survival and not domination that they maintain their borders; naturally other species are welcome to visit - how else would they survive without them?

Humans have forgotten one of the most fundamental rules of life; take care of the world you live on. Clearly animals know their place in the world order of things and they do the job they were designed to do. Animals that have been domesticated have within them the ability to survive on their own if freed from their cages and compounds and ignored by humans. Even the plants know better than humans how to live on the planet. Trees not only provide oxygen some can actually filter the air of toxic by-products produced by humans. Unless they are torn out by their roots, there are plants that grow along our rivers and in our wetlands that can clean the toxic wastes humans dump into the water ways. Trees, bushes and grass grow in abundance up the sides of the hills and mountains to reduce erosion of the soil; humans build houses that get washed away in the rain. If allowed to live and grow unfettered, plants,insects and all animals on land, in the air and under water would thrive and live in basic harmony on the planet. The fact that Earth has survived despite the damage done by humans would seem to indicate a certain level of sentience that keeps the planet whole and in place in its orbit.

There is an old advertisement about "Don't mess with Mother Nature..." which is probably a veiled warning set in a ludicrous tv ad. Many humans believe they are in control or that things are in place to keep them safe. It is only the survivors of 'natual events' who recognize the power of the plant and the wrath of Mother Nature. Global warming is used to explain the changes in weather patterns - but does not account for earthquakes. There are frequent and increasing examples of natural events that impact humans in a negative way. Not only are there weather events and earthquakes and sinkholes - there is disease - the pandemic kind. Are viruses a by-product of humans or a natural part of the earth itself? History has ample proof of population reductions at the hands of some virus. Is this yet another way that the planet keeps the potential for human destruction on a level playing field? Some will scoff and ridicule - which is to be expected - the fact remains that Mother Nature is a fact of life that cannot be explained away by science. We can barely measure natural events or even give early warning signs; there is nothing we can do to control it. Viruses constantly mutate and continue to do what they were designed to do despite the efforts of our greatest scientists devoted to finding vaccines or cures.

It is obvious that despite the impediments placed on them by humans, plants,animals and insects continue to live the life they were designed to live. Humans are only doing half the job they were given. Greed and the need for possession of material things has robbed them of their ability to see the true purpose of our existence. Living fully and experiencing the full range of humanity is what we are suppose to do; even the really ugly stuff is part of the package. Respect for the planet is an unheard of idea for the majority of the human population; it is clearly demonstrated by the obvious destruction that exists all around the world. What humans need to understand is that unless the planet is totally blown up and completely destroyed - it will survive the ravages of humanity. The planet is fulfilling its purpose; most humans are not.

There is growing evidence that humans are becoming more cognizant of their role on the planet. Although most are fearful that without change the earth will die and humans along with it - the fact remains that efforts are being made to reduce the damage that is being perpetrated against the planet. Most of it is couched in the idea of replacing non-renewable energy sources with the natural elements found readily available to provide resources for our daily needs. It is a good start; slow and pendantic to be sure - but good. The biggest questions are - will it be enough and can it move faster? Humans have clearly been given a huge jump start in the last hundred years to get their act together. We have all the technology we need to clean up the messes we have made. It is time for humans to clean up and focus on the next approaching stage of life for the universe. And we need to get a move on.

We assume we are the only sentient life in the galaxy -and some think the whole universe- simply because we can express our thoughts with words. What if we were among the first -of the chosen few- to experience the joy of being the form chosen to experience sensation? What if we have been fumbling our way down through our history and got so lost that we are light years behind all the other forms that have been doing their jobs the way they were created to do it? It is a given fact that the bulk of the animals and all of the plants and those insects not destroyed with pesticides are each and everyone of them doing what they were designed to do. Even a household pet is more in tune with the universe than is the unenlightened human. What if the human ego has separated us so deeply from our true selves that too few come to recognize the reality of who we really are? Many humans deeply immersed in a religious belief system think they will be spared damnation if they live according to the covenants set down for them. What if its all or nothing?

What if the original plan was to experience sensation fully and completely and then its time to move on to the next phase? Those life forms that lived according to the rules would be allowed their individuality; those that would not or could not follow the rules will simply be recycled. What if there were only two rules: Live life fully - and - take good care of the planet you live on. What if humans are just a tiny little example of higher intelligence beings living throughout the universe? Would humanity pass muster? What if the time is drawing nigh; will humans retain their individuality or will we all be recycled? Its a good bet that if the next big bangs comes within the next few years - it will be the recycle bin for all of us.

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