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"Arizona UFO Sightings Myths and Facts"
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Arizona is a hot spot for any alien activity. With Area 51 right next door it is hard not to witness a UFO sighting, especially if you lived there in 1997. This was the year that the government was unable to hide a sighting that over 10,000 people witnessed and filmed. It was the very first time that people actually had to wonder if there was something actually out there. The government wasn't so quick to come up with an explanation. Many of the city's council tried to ignore it, but that was hard to do when so many people had witnessed the phenomena.

On March 13, 1997 Phoenix went on as it had the day before. It was getting dark and many people were getting ready to watch a comet that was suppose to be flying over Earth. What most of these people didn't expect was seeing something larger than life flying over their entire city. Around 7:30 PM something in the sky was spotted just east of Phoenix. It was said to have had six points of lights. Very soon after this report, the object had grown two more lights. One of these lights would separate, moving in unison with the other eight lights. Around 10:00 PM the object had made its way to Gila River. It was around this time that the fist photographs were taken. The final sightings were in Rainbow Valley around 2:00 AM. It had traveled 300 miles in a matter of hours.

People stopped and stared wondering what the lights were. Many people were able to see that it was some type of craft. The enormous ship had blocked out the stars and was estimated to be about a mile wide. This may have been an over statement; some people say it was the size of three large jets.

There were many witnesses who were able to get a close enough look and see that the ship was paneled with a grid shaped pattern. The ship was said to have changed shape, color, and speed. The lights would dance in and out of one another. A few real estate agents would report that they were close enough to see dozens of bright lights along the edges and was a blue-black in color. They described the color of that to a shot gun barrel. Two air plane pilots had seen the object very up close and personal. They were able to get a film of it, but that was later confiscated.

Luke Air force Base is very close to Phoenix. There was a driver who was dropping off a shipment when he had seen the lights. It wasn't soon after that he saw jets take off after it. There was a man who worked at the Air force Base who called the UFO reporting Center around 3:20AM. He told the people that there was a UFO mother ship. It is not confirmed that he actually worked for the Air force. He told everyone that the Air force was transferring him to Greenland where he was never heard from again.

The Air force would take months to come up with an explanation to what had happened. When they finally came to the press they said that the lights were just flares that were dropped from a A-10 Warthog. No one would believe it. It didn't make any sense. The lights traveled vertically and would dance in the sky. They sped up and slowed down. Flares would not do this, and certainly not for that amount of time. Aside from that there were already witnesses prior to the Warthog launching that did in fact happen.

Some people argue that the government was conducting an experiment on one of their ships. Area 51 is close by. This could be true, but I find it hard to believe that they would send something so massive and secretive over Phoenix Arizona. I find it harder to believe that they would send it in a direct path of a very busy airport. It may have gone terribly wrong and perhaps the computers malfunctioned.

A lot of authorities choose to dismiss the "Arizona Lights" as UFO's. Lately former Governor Fife Symington had admitted to believing what happened in 1997 was UFO activity. You ask any one who saw those lights that night, they will tell you that it wasn't natural. Something was different.

It has been 11 years since Phoenix witnessed the lights. I am sure though that everyone who saw it will remember it for a very long time. Any one interested in seeing the lights for themselves need just go on line. There are plenty of sites including U Tube that can show you what the object truly looked light in the night sky.

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