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Arguments for and against Stem Cell Research

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"Arguments for and against Stem Cell Research"
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Embrionic Stem cell research is something that is currently and has for a while caused a lot of controversy. Many religious people believe that it is wrong to interfere with nature and by using these stem cells which are taken from a human fertilised egg that you are killing a potential life. But that is not the case. these eggs that the needed cells are taken from are eggs left over from I.V.F (In Vitro Fertilisation) treatment that are not wanted anymore so would be destroyed anyway so it is not like they ever did really have the potential to become a life and if they did isn't it better to save an already existing life than a potential one after all these are only a few cells they do not have thoughts or feelings they do not even have a nervous system so they cannot feel anything they are simply cells at the stage they are used for research which is up to about 5 or 6 days.

So what is the problem? Well some people believe that babies gain there souls at conception which is fair enough they have their beliefs but take into consideration the fact that this research could help so many people and these are not souls we are destroying they are simply cells that have not developed into anything yet just think about it would you rather someone lived in great pain when we could do something to help them and the eggs still get destroyed anyway or that we do something about their pain and give them a treatment from theses cells meaning they can grow back nerves or tissue they need to be healthy again so will change their life so much for the better.

stem cells have that potential to become any cell in the body, with this we create new cells for those who need them by taking some of their DNA and putting it into one of these cells which will then develop into the type of cells that are needed. There is also another type of stem cells that are still being researched adult stem cells but these have a much more limited use and life so would be no where near as effective as those stem cells gained from eggs as these stem cells are only for one type of cell so can only develop into a cell of that family so are not as useful as embrionic stem cells.

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