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Are you Left Handed and having Problems Read this Article to Find Ways of Coping

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"Are you Left Handed and having Problems Read this Article to Find Ways of Coping"
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Being left handed is not a choice that people make; it just happens that way when they are babies but it is often seen as a curse. If you are a left handed person you have no doubt been called a south paw once or twice in your life or someone has pointed out to you that you are left handed – as if you didn’t know that already. What you probably didn’t realize is that being left handed is not a curse at all; in fact, you belong to a special group of people as there are far fewer left handed people in the world than right handed people.

As a left handed person you may be surprised to learn that you not only use a different hand to write than most of the world’s population but you also look at things differently and you think about things differently. For example, when you pick up a magazine at a store do you start reading from the front or the back? If you are not sure, try it next time you are out and don’t be shocked if you find yourself starting at the end of the magazine and working your way to the front, it’s all part of being a lefty. As a left handed person you are amongst a group of well-known people, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and Jimi Hendrix to name just a few.

There was a time when left handed people were thought to be disabled and most parents at one point or another tried to correct the problem but forcing their children to print right handed. Being left handed is not a handicap but there certainly challenges that need to be overcome. You may find that you have difficulty cutting with right handed scissors or a right handed knife. You may find that many products are geared for right handed people only such as pens, notebooks and office tools. If you look hard enough however, you may be able to find what you need for left handed people and if you can’t find it then why not try making it yourself, who knows you could see your name on a list of famous left handed inventors.

Once you are able to overcome the messy handwriting and having to sit at the end of the table so you don’t bump elbows with others while eating, you will discover that there is nothing wrong with being left handed – who wants to be the same as ninety percent of the world’s population anyway. 

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