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Are we Ready for Artificial Intelligence

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"Are we Ready for Artificial Intelligence"
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I am ready for any intelligence: artificial or not! Yes, I'm being facetious, but it's really all too true that we often lack, if not intelligence, then the use of it. But that, alas, is for another article.

For this one, ready or not, we're already there. I am using artificial intelligence to write this article. Thanks to certain movies, books and television shows, some people fear that artificial intelligence will "take over" the world. These artificial intelligences will begin learning to think for themselves and run amok, creating a world in which they are the real intelligence and we are goners.

Well, I say they already have taken over the world. Not in the sense of these fictional stories, but in the sense that we have come to depend on them for everything in our lives. Who can live without your computer, your cell phone and your other electronic gadgets?

My computer was in the shop for a week once, and the withdrawal symptoms were horrible to behold. How would I get through my day without checking my e-mail and writing articles at helium? Somehow, I survived, but I kissed my computer when it came back to me and caressed the keys repeatedly for a while.
My daughter accidentally dropped her cell phone in the, uh, the bathroom and it died on her. It took a while to get her a new one, and she literally paced through the house looking for something to do. You would have thought she lost her best friend, and it was just an example of artificial intelligence! The cell phone and the computer, along with other gadgets, have become like our right hand: we can't live without them.

All this is said tongue-in-cheek, of course, we would find a way to survive, but we would have to relearn how to do things the hard way. We'd have to re-learn how to talk to people face to face along with a whole host of other things we've lost touch with in this technological age.

Artificial intelligence does probably need a failsafe of some kind for safety purposes, but it is not a moral issue. We may be able to create artificial intelligence, but we have yet to create an artificial soul, spirit, emotions, love.... Artificial intelligence does not think as we do. It does not feel, even if it can be made to seem as if it does. Saying the right words does not emotion make.
Yes, I believe we are ready, and, ready or not: it's here!

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