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Are we Ready for Artificial Intelligence

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"Are we Ready for Artificial Intelligence"
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Around the world, fictional works are centered on the idea of a robot takeover. The idea is that robots get out of control, and prove to be violent and dangerous. The following segments include graphic imagery describing robots dismembering or completely obliterating human beings. These highly fictitious stories seem stupid, particularly because they are. However, there is a high chance of artificial intelligence leading to the human demise. In the near future, artificial intelligence will replace human jobs, endanger human lives, and become the superior "life form" on earth.

It is already happening today, and in recent years, it has grown astronomically. Though we blame illegal immigrants for taking our jobs, the true "unemployer" in our society is the machine. The machine performs efficiently, which is more than the average human being can say.

When machines are working correctly, they don't make mistakes. Recently McDonalds has implemented their minor revolution by trading lazy, minimum wage making workers for high quality, "eager to work" machines. These machines take change, deliver orders to the cooking crew, and then give the customer a number while they wait. And they don't get paid.

Aside from initial cost and maintenance, using robots would be economically favorable, rather than paying a team of humans. The initial cost of a robot may be expensive, but a paid worker of 2 years costs more. The jobs at these fast food restaurants come and go. It is only logical that the rotating slots of workers are filled with a permanent, hard working machine that does it all for free.

It can be argued when it started, but slow developments over the last few decades show more and more jobs being given to robots. A large refrigerating box replaces the guy who used to sell sodas. The teller who would manage your bank account is now an equally reliable ATM. Various other examples can be given, and one can truly see all of the jobs that can easily be taken up by machines.

Though the "heat ray and laser gun" scenario is a bit ludicrous, robots can be a threat to human health. Robots developed for military use have a significant amount of authority over their own affairs. These robots have powers to deem which targets deserve to be destroyed. Human lives can be spared by sending in a robot, assuming that the robot is able to differentiate human beings on one side from another.

Along from physically harming humans directly, the unemployment repercussions caused by robot hiring will cause the average human to plummet into a state of despair.

Robots are taking our jobs. They have the power to end out lives. When you add these two things together, it unfortunately puts the robot on a straight course to superiority. With so much authority on the battlefield, who can say that the robot authority concept will not be stretched to encompass various other aspects of life? Perhaps robots will soon run businesses, start enterprises, and scariest of all, make human decisions. The world is slowly accepting the fact that robots are ideal workers. More jobs are being made for robots; fewer jobs are available for humans. The apathetic human race is allowing this all to happen. We live our lives as normal, not taking notice of the fact that our reign as the high race on earth is coming to an end. Our creations are turning the tables, and rising against the creators. The robot brain evolves rapidly. With such a quick evolution, robots are set to take over within the next 50 years.

Stephen Hawking sees this imminent threat and proclaims that the human race can't wait for evolution to take its natural course. As the artificial life form evolves, we have to artificially evolve our lives. If we do not do so, we lose our throne to the machine.

Robot takeover can seem to be a laughable subject. It is slandered by the fictional works portraying it as an all out war of the human versus the machine. However, our rage against the machine will arrive soon. As the convenient robots take more and more jobs, and displace more and more human beings, the wrongs of artificial intelligence will be realized. The human being is the middle ground between the natural earth, which we colonized, and perfect, automatic efficiency. Our confusion and carelessness allows unpredictability in life, which gives humans a chance at living, and at life. When the machines rule the earth, life will be scheduled flawlessly, allowing no time for the qualities that make us human.

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