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In the two articles I've read with this title Men In Black is quoted as proof of humanity's unwelcoming state of mind. I find this to be in and of itself to be proof of the same thing, no offence to the writers of the articles intended. We trust Hollywood to depict what would be the greatest scientific opportunity of humanities lifetime? The most revolutionizing thing since combustion cannot be well hypothesized by people who make their money selling what people already want.

I think that Contact, by Carl Sagan offers a much better picture into what alien contact with Earth will likely be. To essentially quote; "If there's nobody else out there, it's an awful waste of space." As I interpret it, Sagan predicts that aliens will be the same kind of challenge for us as DNA; a message with no immediately clear information that will boggle scientists whilst inspiring religion elsewhere, a doorway into a new universe of information we have yet to understand how to understand. (He also does not believe that any aliens have done any of the things that hopefuls say they have, yet. Now that he's dead he probably knows better than the rest of us.)

I also would like to air the ideas of The Greatest Deception by Patrick Cooke. I don't believe that you'll need to read the book in order to understand my point if I tell you the subtitles: The Bible UFO Connection and The True Nature of the Gods of the Bible. Essentially, aliens visiting us have created everything inexplicable in our history; pyramids, biblical occurrences, cattle eviscerations, abductions and so on. His book includes math and eyewitness accounts, so many of his points are very believable, and many are reasonably doubtful.

Cooke mentions that various passages in the Bible, Ezekiel being the prime example, depict advanced technology in the terms of stone-age herdsmen. Try to look at the world like that and you may start to see a whole new realm meaning in myths, religions, and our own "interactions" with such entities. I found it to be a fun mental exercise as well.
Cooke quotes UFO sightings, visitations and abductions from as recently as the early 1990s, and proves mathematically that the Egyptian pyramids could not have be built the way we think they were, and there is no known explanation, other than extraterrestrial or divine. If he is even partially right about the amount of alien interferences there have been on humanity, then I believe we are ready as a public. We have a right to know the truth about our history, if we want.

My thought however, is that it isn't happening through spaceships. The human mind, as well as human memory, is very easily deceived into believing something that is a symbol is the real thing, so all of our mysterious "spacemen" might have been without actual space-traveling attributes. Space is so large, and our minds as well, that I believe that physical travel is inefficient and a mental/spiritual technology has been and is going to be our contact with the other intelligence in the universe.
I think that there are energies/entities that have affected us in the past, and also, I believe that we affect them as much as they do us. They are not the Supreme Rulers; they are other children of the creative process we might choose to call God, or random events. Also, today spaceships would be a bad first impression of intelligence in the universe, thanks to Hollywood and government propaganda. People might react like MIB predicts, thanks to MIB.

If the clouds in our minds part and a shining vision of a new reality comes blazing through, we might act more favorably, and I believe that such an experience would only be bestowed on ready minds. As the Bible predicts, "no one, not even the Son of Man, will know the day or the hour" and I believe that whatever event you believe it is talking about, that much of it is true. It will come when we don't think we're ready, but we are. It could be as you finish reading this article.

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