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Are we alone in the Universe

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"Are we alone in the Universe"
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Anyone who has watched Star Trek either on television or the movies will certainly be able to answer this question. Of course we are not alone in the universe. Surely everybody knows what a Klingon is. If you care to examine Wikipedia you will find they have their own language and conversations between Earthlings and Klingons have been conducted now for years. It would be remiss of me not to mention Doctor Spock who has origins in the planet Vulcan. What further proof do you need?

Way back in July 1947 near Roswell New Mexico visitors from outer space crashed into the desert. Perhaps they didn't understand the instructions given by the local air traffic controller or perhaps they mistook the desert for a landing strip but many people at the time swear that alien bodies and bits and pieces of alien spacecraft were collected and hidden from the public. The public as usual were fed a lot of misinformation and the whole thing was been deemed to be a big cover up. If you ever want to see alien life I suggest you write to the President. I would suggest however that you allow the President a bit of time to cure the economic problems that he is faced with at the moment before asking for a personal tour. I am sure that the President himself had made it a high priority to visit Roswell as soon as convenient.

Do you need further convincing? Well ,ever since the advent of the camera there exists numerous photographs of alien spacecraft visiting Earth. I have to suppose that the aliens themselves are incredibly camera shy as there does not appear to be any photographs of live aliens shaking hands with the likes of Hugh Hefner. I have yet to see a centerfold of an alien. Perhaps it is just a question of selecting Playalien of the month. Who knows what life forms take Hugh's fancy? Anyway you just have to believe all those photos of spacecraft can't all be fakes. Maybe they have been observing the way Earth's aircraft have a habit of crashing and since Roswell they are content just to fly past every so often to see if we have perfected landing aircraft on runways rather than rivers , the oceans , deserts or mountains etc.

There are those who would convince us that aliens have landed on Earth but for some reason only do it at night when everyone is asleep. There are strange patterns in fields that consist of a series of circles which only serve to add to conjecture about the actual landing of alien spacecraft. I don't hold with any theories on this matter. I suggest that those circles are made by the farmers themselves in the middle of the night with lawn mowers while sleep walking. Every one knows that a farmer is always worried about harvesting crops and these days many farmers seem to be going around in circles when it comes to running a farm.

People have actually met aliens whether they wanted to or not. Again for some strange reason it almost always happens at night. These aliens seem to be predisposed with medical exploration on women. Perhaps Hugh has had some influence on them after all. Whatever the reason people who are taken on board seem to undergo all sorts of prodding . Incredible as it may seem most people never pick up a souvenir of their visit aboard a spacecraft. Actually apart from the Roswell collection there doesn't appear to be any article on the entire surface of the Earth that can be positively identified as being alien manufactured. It's a pity really. Just imagine the tourist trade if something was exhibited.

Are we really alone in the universe? How would anyone know? At the moment it is pure speculation as despite the evidence I have stated in the previous paragraphs there is no shred of proof. It would be incredible to believe that with all the billions of solar systems in the universe Earth is the only planet with life forms. I would have to say emphatically no to the question but I don't expect to be around if and when contact is made to be absolutely certain.

Unfortunately space travel to other solar systems belongs well into the future . Cryogenics is not an exact science so I can rule out being preserved and re awoken centuries from now. Just supposing it was possible. Then it would be a case of " Beam me up Scotty" and off to other planets for the weekend at warp speed.

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