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Are we alone? To be sure, there must be some sort of alien life in the universe, given the sheer size of the universe, and the number of planets we have discovered. One day, we will find a planet that is similar to ours, and has the possibility of intelligent life on its surface, or under its oceans. However, how good is the evidence we have now that there is alien life?

For UFO supporters, the case starts in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. Supposedly, there was an extraterrestrial spacecraft that crashed there in the summer of 1947, and has been the focal point of supposed government cover-ups of UFO's and aliens.

Can we be sure though that an alien spacecraft crashed there? Or was it really some sort of weather balloon, as the Air Force claimed later?

Well, it doesn't help the governments case that they went around supposedly intimidating witnesses into never telling anyone what they saw. Couple that with Project Bluebook, which logged UFO sightings, and investigated the truly unexplained sightings, and we have a seemingly good case for a coverup.

Was it really a coverup though? To be honest, when I first heard about Roswell, I was convinced that some alien craft has crashed on Earth, and maybe we had some alien bodies hidden. When I started to study US history, and the World Wars, I started to change my mind on the issue. Any project, no matter if it was man made or alien in nature, would be harmful if talked about. If there was some sort of secret technology that the government had in its hands, it would not want the Soviets to have it.

I could see why the government would be so aggressive in making sure that nobody talked, as it could be a huge breach of national security. Granted, the government has been flimsy in its excuses, but there is no conclusive proof that an alien craft crashed there.

What about other evidence? There have been many UFO sightings, such as the sightings in Texas earlier this year. Gulf Breeze, Florida was a hotbed for alleged UFO sightings in the early 1990's, and strange lights in Phoenix a couple of years ago have had residents there talking about aliens, and another cover-up.

However, can any of these allegations be proven? Unfortunately, there isn't enough clear evidence that these are in fact alien spacecraft. To be honest, do we really know what secret technology our government has? Would they tell us about it if they had it? No, and no.

Scientifically, there is no proof that alien life exists on another planet either. We have some suspicious looking methane activity on Mars, that could be a sign of microbial biology, but nothing intelligent. Other than that, we have some target bodies, such as Europa, that may have a lot of water, but no proof that any life exists.

Given the vastness of space, it would seem unlikely that any civilization would come to Earth, just to look at us, and then say goodbye just as quickly. It would seem like a waste of time, and money to do so. Maybe a very advanced civilization might do so, but again, why? If they are that advanced I'm sure we pose no threat to them, and they could announce their presence in a clearer way.

Again, there is no clear proof that aliens exist. The origin of UFO's cannot be proven, and the knowledge we have about the universe makes it unlikely that another civilization would travel so far to visit us. Maybe one day we will find a planet that harbors life, but until that day we are the only life that we know of in the universe.

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