Are there Aliens on Earth do Aliens Exist is et Living next Door Ufos Flying Saucers and et

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"Are there Aliens on Earth do Aliens Exist is et Living next Door Ufos Flying Saucers and et"
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Are there aliens on earth right now?  Have you looked in your pantry?   Why not?  Have you seen photos of James Carville? Or what about some of the Jersey Shore reality shows, can they be a product of earth intelligence?  

We have non food in our food.  We have false teachings in our schools and religions.  We have Lady Gaga wearing some stuff I have never seen in any earth stores. Some orange guy just became speaker of the house in Washington D.C.  By the way, to laugh out loud, you really do need to google James Carville on Google images.  Some of them are downright precious.

Cave paintings, missing time and abductions could be explained by UFO’s out joyriding.  What about the pyramids on all continents built before human tools to manipulate the stones had been invented?  Both Nazca  lines and NASCAR could only truly be explained by extraterrestrials. What about cattle mutilations; isn't that something we should only attribute to McDonalds?

There is still room for skepticism, however.  Why?  Because only through healthy disbelief can we ever truly reveal complete real solid evidence of visitors.  For thousands of years people have depicted and told stories about sky gods.  Virtually every culture on earth and in every epoch we find these drawings, stories, myths, and mysteries. Yet, also we have always had stories of wee people, hobbits, elves, pixies and more.  Some of these, like the hobbit now have archaeological proof.  Still, it should be thoroughly investigated, and debated. 

There have always been strange lights in the sky.  After the advent of aircraft of earth borne origin, even more things are floating about up there.  But still, however critical thought must be utilized.

Humans are so very prone to suggestibility and confabulation. We are well known to have created memories, as a survival mechanism for our brain to make sense of things. Some of these things are false, and some of these things are true. All you really need to know is, that if not everything you believe is 100 percent true, no matter how badly you want to believe it is, then all of us may have some false beliefs.  It is part of being human.

Fiction is a creation of the human mind, and thank Sky Gods, or the Almighty, that we have the kind of imaginations that lead us both to see stars when we drink too much beer,  reach for the stars with technology that began as pure imagination.

Only through examining all evidence can we be sure.  Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, as Dr. Sagan famously observed.  But absence on its own does not provide anything but space for wild, conflicting and confusing speculation.

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