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Are there aliens on Earth?

The debate of any Aliens being on Earth is controversial but worth the investigation. If the question doesn't go away, there must be something in the air which keeps it alive?

Many reports of extraterrestrials visiting our planet have come down through time, written into sacred text, or still by word of mouth via Indigenous folk. There is enough to fill books - and somewhere between the words - some one has to be telling the truth, despite all are not believed.

Considering at least in our own lifetime, reports of genuine sitings of their craft have been reported, and these not yet existing technically as we know it on earth, again leaves room to keep the door open. If we ourselves would be alien to any outside of our own given space, with Earth equally in the whole of cosmic space, it sounds feasible enough to consider some reports.

Discovery TV reported the Vatican and the Untied Nations ready for Alien contact. These are two supposed to be reputable Organizations. If the Vatican Astronomer in 2009, Dr Guy Consolmagno spoke publicly at a British Public Festival of them 'possibly living in the heavens now', makes it as feasible some could already be here.

Why also would the United Nations begin UNOOSA, United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs, promoting International peaceful uses of, and space laws for outer space? Would such steps be taken if something more wasn't going on?

Point taken if history speaks of when our alien visitors did make themselves known to us mere earthlings. Plus with too many reports of sane, intelligent folk having experienced some form of connection in the past 60-70 years. All baby boomers can't be crazy, nor are all sober reports wrong.

Just as we nation hop, they could be galactic hopping, with stop-overs worthy of mention. It doesn't appear they have destroyed our earth more than we have ourselves yet, nor made war on us, as we have each other. Either way, we can look at some of our human counter-parts with their big black sun glasses and thin little bodies and wonder, are the alien eyes not just a form of protection also?

All extraterrestrials are not just humanoids, as some are very human, just as many varied species exist on only one planet Earth. We can speculate, and answer questions in the face of too many blanks supplied by authorities even by NASA, but one cannot cover facts which come to light in the end.

None would search for alien life, nor prepare for, without some hidden factor behind all we are told, or nor told. Any who would agree there are any aliens on earth, would rather after such ridicule, remain silent.

Time itself will prove this one, if even now, there is nothing more to be said or done. All the speaking in the world will not show they exist, when minds are so closed to any they look straight in the eye as human as themselves, and have no idea in their presence!

For now, we can just carry on knowing, believing, or scoffing. But one only has to look at earthlings attempts to copy extraterrestrial technology, and see how far behind we are, to those who move and turn in our skies, leaving us asking.

Due to enough terror, mass panic is the last thing governments want to deal with. Smoke screens and blackouts should be enough to keep folk - real earthlings in the dark - until the light shines brighter to say yes!

There very well could be some aliens living on earth, even if temporally.

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