Are the International Astronautical Congress Forums necessary for Space Growth

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"Are the International Astronautical Congress Forums necessary for Space Growth"
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The 59th International Astronautical Congress meeting will take place September 29 and October 3 in Glasgow, Scotland, deemed as highly important to many individuals involved in science and space activities-including myself. Deadline for the workshop registration is June 10, with press registration September 1, 2008, with a theme of "From the Imagination to Reality." The purpose of the theme is demonstrates the goal of space activity in today's timeswith individuals highly recognized in future space travels before it was ever accepted, such science fiction writer Isaac Aximov, along with Jules Verne and Arthur C. Clarke-who not only dreamed of space but made its existence their entire life, imagining the means and technologies that would be needed to leave Earth, preparing to enter space and explore the entire Universe.

The history of the IAF held its first congress meeting in 1950, before the satellite Sputnik was ever launched. A premier global space forum, according to the organization's reports is that IAF focuses on many aspects of space:

Promotes awareness of space activities world-wide
Aids the exchange of information on space program developments
Helps to develop highly-motivated and knowledgeable workforces
Recognizes achievements in space activities
Is building a global space knowledgebase
Promotes the use of space systems for human developments

The IAF is an international non-governmental and non-profit organization which was founded in London during the 2nd International Astronautical Congress. Signed on September 4, 1951, for the benefit of humanity, the organization was founded with Argentina, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Today, it has members in 48 countries with approximately 200 internal organizations. The purpose is to provide a significant worldwide network of experts in the "development and utilization of space." Considered the world's largest space show, the 2008 meeting will have more than 2008 delegates with a huge supporting exhibition for viewing and focus for the space industry.

The IAF offers knowledge to the world derived from space professional experts who are involved in IAF activities that are ouput by the IAF in many formsnews, facts, statistics, overviews, opinions, and trendsreflected the combined knowledge of global space sectors. The IAF individuals involved in the sources of knowledge vary, with the outcomes of many different forums and debates, or the famous space think tanks, and ad hoc groups set up specifically on individual subjects.

These sources do not have to be individuals, but can also be an entire country. When the IAF conference is held in one particular country, such as this year's host of Scotland, that country will become the primary source of information. Meanwhile, the experts have many opportunities throughout the year to meet and exchange information and data throughout the various networking projects, according to the IAF format, with the fall forum the most obvious but not the only one.

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