Are People with a Vivid Imagination Crazy

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"Are People with a Vivid Imagination Crazy"
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Many people had told me that I possess a very vivid imagination. I do believe that I have a very vivid imagination? Am I insane? The answer is "possibly." However, I would probably not be insane because of the vivid imagination that I have possessed. A person with a vivid imagination could be "insane." But it probably would not be because of the vivid imagination. There are insane people in the world that do lack a vivid imagination. But there are questions that need to be asked: "What is considered as the norm?" "What is considered to be sane?" "What is considered to be insane?"

"Conventional methods" have seemed to be the norm. But, the norm could possibly be changing. From what I have seen, people with a vivid imagination tend to be innovators.

They are the ones that usually think outside of the box. The reason "sane" people call them "insane" is because they do not rely on the typical conventional methods. However, those with vivid imaginations tend to see things clearer than those without vivid imaginations. People that have a vivid imagination with a grounded mindset tend to be extremely impressive people.

One such example would be the campaign for United States Democratic President-elect Barack Obama, who is set to take the United States Presidency on January 20, 2009. The way the campaign was run came from a very vivid imagination. People that worked under Obama had very vivid imaginations. They actually thought outside of the box. During the Democratic primary, Obama triumphed over the other Democratic rivals. Despite Senator Hillary Clinton of New York being a strong frontrunner, she relied too much on conventional means.

Obama's campaign had a grounded mindset and a vivid imagination. He managed to appeal to many voting bases. Also, Obama ended up splitting several voting bases. As a result, Obama had defeated Clinton
in the race for the Democratic primary.

During the general election with GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona, Obama did the same thing. The Obama campaign came up with very creative ways of advertising. One such example would a buy-in ad for this Xbox 360 racing game. Obama has also run an impressive Internet campaign that reached out to many potential voters.

At the end, it was Obama that won over McCain in a landslide victory. McCain did not come even close to getting the needed 270 electoral votes to win the US Presidency. Obama went beyond the 270 needed to win the whole thing. Obama's won electoral votes surpassed the 300 mark. The campaign was unconventional. But, it had worked. As a result, it has members of the GOP talking amongst themselves about the need to think outside of the box.

In regards to campaign financing, it was the vivid imagination of the Obama campaign which enabled it to outspend the McCain campaign. It also enabled Obama's campaign to receive more funds than McCain's campaign.

At a political standpoint, it brings forth new ideas. But, it does come under scrutiny. There are plenty of people afraid of new ideas. As the world continues to change, things have to change along with it. It takes a vivid imagination to help people prepare for the constantly changing world.

Vivid imagination is the lifeblood to the people who in turn are the lifeblood of the world. Without a vivid imagination, many possibilities remain untapped. A vivid imagination can be applied to any type of field such as economics, business, the arts, entertainment, medicine, and so forth.

As a freelance screenwriter, I let my vivid imagination do the talking. I like to explore many different possibilities. One example would be giving a fresh idea to the main character in a horror flick. I had finished typing up one horror themed screenplay in which the stereotypical attractive white male was replaced by a former Lebanese soldier from Canada. That is one example of a fresh start.

For movies, books, TV shows, and video games, a vivid imagination is crucial. One should take the "Final Fantasy" series for example. Without a vivid imagination, these games would not have been created. They could have been created. But, they would have not sold like hotcakes.

People tend to like original ideas. You do not get new and original ideas by constantly using conventional means. New ideas and concepts come out as a result of a vivid imagination. Perhaps the "sane" people are "insane" for only looking at conventional means.

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