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Are People alone in the Universe

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"Are People alone in the Universe"
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Have you ever looked into the night sky and considered the possibility that an intelligent being somewhere in the far reaches of space could be gazing into a different part of the cosmos pondering the very same thing?

Man is not the only intelligent life created by God. There are hordes of intelligent beings such as Seraphim, Cherubim, and Archangels. The Bible describes spiritual enemies that war against us as Thrones, Dominions, Powers and Principalities.

These are only the ones we have been made aware of. There could be many more but it seems obvious that we as flesh and blood beings are quite limited to the three dimensional reality in which we exist and our only true knowledge of them comes from the Bible.

These beings have been interacting with mankind for centuries which could mean that they exist in our dimension but are invisible to the naked eye unless they choose to manifest themselves to us; or they exist in another dimension and are somehow able to cross over into ours.

The universe contains a multitude of beings and there are a number of reputable writings from antiquity which describe how at least some of these beings can appear in human form. Ancient cave drawings and monuments along with numerous archeological finds evidence the existence of what appears to be non-human beings and their interaction with humans. Many cultures around the world have ancient records that describe visitors they refer to as "those who came from the stars". 

Angels are "ministering spirits" which serve the children of God and it is widely believed that everyone has a guardian angel. The Bible says of newborn Christians (little ones), "Their angels behold the face of the Father always." However, there are also fallen angels or demons which are ruled by Satan, the prince of the power of the air.

The Apostle Paul said that some have entertained angels unknowingly but this would have to be in human form because the natural form of an angel can be devastating to humans. In every biblical account of an angel appearing in its natural form to a human, the results were always the same- fear and trembling.

Apparently, angelic beings can easily traverse the universe, which could be as simple as moving through different dimensions. As for the proximity of Earth to other planetary bodies, there could be ways to travel immeasurable distances that simply await discovery. Considering the rate at which our knowledge is evolving, it sometimes seems that nothing is impossible.

However, God will only allow us to go so far before intervening which should be happening very soon considering the signs of the times in which we are living. It is painfully obvious that we cannot govern ourselves and with our sinful nature along with our rapidly developing technology we seem to be on the verge of destroying ourselves.

Even so, Jesus Christ warned of this long ago and we have known about it for years so it should come as no surprise to anyone. As for being alone in the universe; a time is coming when there will be no doubt whatsoever that we are not alone as these beings begin to make their presence known. Therefore, we are faced with another question which is, if we are not alone, who is with us?

The oldest known interaction of other world beings with mankind was during the antediluvian period when beings known as the “fallen ones” left their natural realm and cohabited with human women which produced a race of giant hybrids. This event is recorded in many ancient writings including the Bible. (Genesis 6, 2 Peter 2:4, Jude 6) Many cultures have evidence that these giant hybrids lived among their ancestors.

Several archeological discoveries strongly indicate interference by advanced beings in a number of civilizations which left evidence of technology that was far beyond their capabilities. Moreover, many of these cultures left records of beings that came down from the skies and were worshiped as gods. There is ancient art along with cave drawings of space ships, many with occupants, which can only mean that the people of that era were seeing such things.

Today, we are seeing the same aircraft in our skies that are found in ancient art and cave drawings. They called them sky ships. We call them UFOs.

Evidently, UFOs have been around for centuries but for our generation the first wave of sightings began during the last World War. They were called Foo Fighters which were seen by German and American pilots throughout the war. Shortly thereafter, the Roswell incident occurred which spawned the UFO government conspiracy theories. There was a huge burst of UFO activity during the 60s, 70s, and 80s then at the turn of the century there was another wave which contributed to the Y2K fears.

The most popular consensus is that these beings are not aliens from outer space and that they are not aliens at all but are in fact unique to this planet. They are never tracked from outer space but simply appear out of nowhere then disappear into thin air and drop from radar.

There are other theories of course. Some believe that UFOs are aliens from outer space- humanoid beings with superior knowledge and advanced technology that have come to help us evolve into a higher consciousness. This of course is absurd as man was created in God's own image and is said to be His greatest creation.

It is well documented that all major world governments are fully aware of these beings and have been for quite some time. Theories and conspiracies abound as to their secrecy about the matter, one of which is that they fear public reaction, especially the reaction of religious organizations which is totally groundless. Some believe that world governments are actually cooperating with these beings in exchange for technology.

World governments have been dealing with these beings for decades. There is sufficient documentation of military action against alien aircraft to prove their existence. The government's silence on the matter is somewhat mysterious. But then, how do you tell people that we are being visited by unknown beings against which we have no defense?

In any event, world governments have been dealing with UFOs for at least sixty years and their denial has reached a point to where it is almost laughable. Even our own astronauts admit their existence.

Regardless of whether they are from the spirit world or another galaxy the fact remains that we are not alone and it is highly probable that we have never been alone. These beings, be they holy angels, fallen angels, demons, evil spirits, aliens from outer space, or all of the above, in all likelihood, have been with us since antiquity. And as we near the end of the age and the return of Jesus Christ there will be an abundance of activity which will, according to Bible prophecy associated with this time in our history, ultimately include lying signs and wonders.

In conclusion, we were warned centuries ago about the events that would take place prior to the return of Jesus Christ. He criticized the religious leaders of the first century and called them fools because they could read the signs of the skies and predict the weather but were totally ignorant of the signs of the times. We have the literature that they had plus what was written afterwards. If He condemned them for not recognizing the time of their visitation, what will He say to us?

Whatever the world is facing, whether it's nuclear war, natural disasters, alien invasion, or all out spiritual warfare, there is only one safe place, and that's Jesus Christ. "...not a hair of your head will perish."

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