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Are People alone in the Universe

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"Are People alone in the Universe"
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The question is: Are we alone in the universe? I, myself, can categorically state that we are not. Why do I state that as fact? Simply because yesterday I saw a UFO?  Now you who are reading this may laugh out loud, call me a crackpot {or any number of names under the sun,} but I stick by what I saw. Yesterday, on the 22nd of April, 2009, I witnessed something that was so astonishing that to my mind it defied belief. I have seen many UFOS in the past and this one, like the others before it, took my breath away.

Sitting in an old cemetery near to where I live {I go there to relax, read and take pictures} I happened to be reading my newspaper, when I suddenly got the sense that something was moving across the sky. On that particular day, the sun was burning, and the sky was very blue. There were few clouds, scattered here and there, and the gulls where making their presence felt as usual with their cries above me. A perfectly normal day, until I saw it with my own eyes.

Something told me to look up, my eyes caught something, something strange. At first I thought that it was some kind of giant seagull. The thing had wings but the wings were not flapping and seemed to be at a strange angle to the main body. Watching the way this object glided across the sky I suddenly jumped and grabbed my camera.

This was no gull, this was no plane or weather balloon. It wasn't even a glider. It was shaped { I couldn't even begin to describe its shape,} like some kind of giant starfish, complete with wings  But the whole object looked like it was made from a series of iron bars magnetized together.

The object was completely black, and it was big, very big. It glided above the river in silence, and  I watched this thing, fascinated, spellbound, staring wide-eyed as this craft/object moved slowly across my line of view. It was gliding above the River Mersey {a River in Liverpool, the city I was born and live in,} from East to West, and was definitely being, to my mind, intelligently-controlled. It headed for the Anglican Cathedral before passing the cathedral and moving on into the City Centre.

I tried to get a shot of this craft with my camera, but could not seem to get it in view - yet it was there as plain as day in front of my eyes. I viewed it for about 15-20 minutes before I lost sight of it in the distance, as it then became like a little black dot in the sky. But believe me, this thing was anything but 'little'. This object just appeared out of nowhere from a clear blue sky. One minute nothing, the next it was there. I haven't a clue as to what it was, as no plane, helicopter, glider is shaped the way this thing was shaped.

One strange thing about this sighting was that I noticed that I could not hear any bird sounds at all during my time viewing this object. Only when the object disappeared from my sight, that I suddenly began to hear the birds again. I since found out that this type of 'slience' is called the 'Oz Factor'. It is a type of hypnosis that the watcher of a UFO seems to go under when viewing such craft. It is a sort of heightened state of awareness, which is why there did not seem to be any bird, or car sounds at all.

This event happened the day after my wife, stepdaughter and I spotted what we thought was a giant glider in the sky. Again, the weather was beautiful, as all three of us headed toward the City Centre {Liverpool}. My wife happened to look up as something caught her eye. She pointed out to me that the thing above us, which had just suddenly come into view, was moving very strangely indeed.

At first I thought that this was a plane, that was flying way to low -  it was shaped like a plane. It was white, had wings, on either side of it, but the front of the craft was very strangely formed {actually shaped like a bottle nosed dolphin.} It had no markings on the main body or wings but was completely white all over.

The hairs on the back of our necks began to prickle as we watched this 'thing' with no noise coming from it whatsoever. It was too big to be a glider {and looked way too heavy.} Yet, this object, moved slowly, very slowly above the roofs of the houses below, without any sound coming from it whatsoever. As suddenly as it was in the sky, it was gone. Now, how can a craft that was so big, and heavy-looking, glide {almost hovering} in the sky?

I have reported these two strange sightings to the relevant bodies, who are looking into them as I write this down. As to the question, 'Are we alone in the Universe'? I have to say that we are not. In fact, the city in which I live, Liverpool, is actually put down as a UFO Window {hot spot}, as many many sightings are spotted here. Whatever these things are, they are making themselves known to us virtually every other day now. It is as if they are saying, 'Look, here we are. We exist, you must believe in us.'

As I have said at the beginning of this article, I have seen many other strange craft in the skies in my time. Craft that I do not even bother to report now as I take them as a common sight. Yet, I reported the two I had seen within the space of a day. I also reported, back in 1997, a strange disc-shaped object that was moving very slowly, {flipping over like a coin}. I and my son Gregory, who was around 8 years of age at the time, and who was the first to notice it, began to shout to me very excitedly. He was shouting, 'Dad, Dad, look at that strange balloon!'

The sun was behind us, and as this object flipped over and over, the rays of the sun struck the edges of this object making the edges of it gleam a bright brass, or gold colour. This was no balloon, it was a solid craft-like object being controlled by who knows what? That sighting lasted for a full 10 minutes before we lost sight of it in the glare of the sun. My son, has since seen the same object three times more since 1997, moving in the same way it did in '97, flipping over and over very slowly. As to what this is...I wish I knew? No craft I know off can even remotely move like that.

I believe we are not alone in this universe. I believe that Extra-Terrestrial Life is visiting this earth {and have been visiting this earth for centuries - maybe millions of years.} As to where they come from...who knows? I believe this, that Astro-Physicists do not know everything. They say that even if the crafts were moving at the speed of light to get here, it would still take them years to actually arrive {due to the fact that Light is the fastest thing known to Man, and the way light moves.}

But, what if they where using some sort of warp system? What if they had found a way to short-cut their way here? Then they would not need to use the speed of light at all. Maybe their technology affords that they can tear holes in space {rips} that cause ripples, waves, or vortexes to other galaxies. Then, it is quite conceivable that they could come here, {as to viewing the way their ships move, their technology is far in advance of our own.}

I believe that as we move on into the 21st Century, UFOS {or/and the inhabitants inside them} are making themselves known to the Human Race, more and more now. They seem to be able to come into our airspace at will, whenever and wherever they want. And we, do not have one iota, one idea as to what they are, where they are coming from,  or how to stop them. As I watched this craft yesterday, and the other one the day before, a thought came into my mind about invasion. What if this was some subtle form of invasion? Instead of attacking in waves, they would do it by stealth {one ship at a time.} It is a thought to ponder on.

UFOS cannot now be taken lightly, I believe, as do many many others, that they are here, right now. I have seen too many of these things now to NOT believe in them. That the question of whether or not we are alone in the Universe should be changed to. 'When Will There Be Full Contact?'

Governments cannot hide these objects now, in fact it is impossible for world governments to even TRY to hide them. They are here, they are everywhere, during daylight hours and at night. In space, in the seas and oceans {or hovering above them.} Over fields, countrysides, and city centres, and they have even been reported in some cases hovering over cemeteries.

We are certainly not alone in this Universe, as these visitations are becoming now the 'norm' instead of the 'exception'. As to my own sightings, you as readers can only make up your own minds on them or what you believe I saw. I know what I witnessed though, with my own eyes, and it is with that in mind that I say, no, we are not alone in the universe, I believe we never have been.... What do you think?

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