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Are People alone in the Universe

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"Are People alone in the Universe"
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Are we alone? How can we be, considering the mounting evidence that Mars was probably able to support life in the past. The thing that convinces me most of all is the powers that be i.e. the Governments, NASA,etc., Tell us there has been no indication of "recent" life. You really have to listen to what is released regarding the Space Program. How did we develop technology that even physicists state should not be present for another 50 to a hundred years. We have been to the moon, and there are NASA recordings of the Astronauts stating they were being watched, (these can be listened/watched on any search engine under U.F.O.'s.

Now I'm not a fanatic, haven't personally spoken to aliens, but if we as a species can go the moon, have a satellite land on a meteor traveling at 18,000mph, how can
we be so naive to think that we are it in a multi billion year old universe? I'll bet you know some one who has said "bin there, done that", well I think there is at
least a 50-50 chance we are NOT the first to say that about not just we have accomplished, but all we will. In closing I ask you to go to your or your child's school and look at the mineral element charts today versus 10-15 years ago.

There chemical compounds that simply didn't exist, nor could be synthesized.

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