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Are Human Beings still Part of Nature

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"Are Human Beings still Part of Nature"
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"Are human beings still part of nature"

I can see the debatable curve on this question. I have known a few people, including my ex-husband who would not be considered human much less part of nature.

And then the other slant, I didn't realize that humans were being kicked out of the catalogue' of nature. If I put a few brain cells together and give it thought, then it seems to me that human beings are on the down slide in nature.

With the high pollution levels, increased stupidity, and total lack of disciplining the young we are doomed to becoming extinct within the next hundred years.

We try and fix our pollution issues by having everyone use mercury laced light bulbs. Then tout them as energy efficient. Well, hell! They definitely are meeting their main purpose. If we keep using them and tossing them in the dirt, they will poison the earth. That will quite efficiently end our reign of terror on nature.

We could try and out run the inevitable, but how by using a hybrid car? You won't get far on a ten gallon tank of gas, no matter how high mileage it's supposed to get. Odds are it won't get you any farther than that tank can carry you. You'll sit there and cry wondering what to do, totally forgetting you have legs and can walk. Not even attempting to shake out a few of those dead brain cells and have a unique thought.

Increased stupidity has to come from the new cell phones people keep connected to their ears. Not only do they make you have a permanent elephant ear. But they keep your brain cells nice and toasty cutting down on all those new neurons firing up.

With the new trend of not yelling when your kid does something stupid. We are supposed to just explain it to them in a civilized way. Sure that works! You're talking while junior walks out in front of truck. This time you were so busy trying to figure out the right thing to say, you didn't react in time to pull him out of harms way. Or it could be the fact that, that over heated brain of yours reacted way to slow. One way to know for sure if you're having those issues ask yourself, "are your lips moving when you read this?" If the answer is yes, you had better climb back up in the banana tree and start flinging well, if you don't get it never mind.

Oh, well just go try to have another little one to replace little Johnny. Oops forgot to tell you, that cell phone of yours along with the increased pollution levels, has just cut your fertility rate down to an eighth of what it could have been. If only you didn't need to make phone calls on the toilet.

I could follow the path that humans beings are no longer part of nature. Making a point that they just add to the septic system of life again if you don't get it never mind, it's most likely the heated brain cells and septic smell reducing your cognitive abilities.

Can you say cognitive abilities' boys and girls? Nice try.

To actually answer the question, anything that exists in nature is' part of nature.
The definition of natural is, existing in nature' so everything's part of nature.
Every time some primate-human hybrid tells me, "That's not natural." I'm compelled to point out, "Does it exist in' nature? Then it's natural."

That just brings us back to the banana tree and the flinging of well, not' bananas.

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