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Are Human Beings still Part of Nature

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"Are Human Beings still Part of Nature"
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What a ridiculous question! Of course, human beings are still part of nature! What are we, if not products of nature, evolution and change? OK, we may like to think we are not part of nature in its commonest form - we are not living in the jungle, swinging through the trees or fighting amongst ourselves - hang on, wait a minute!
Not living in the jungle? Oh yes we are - not your beautiful tropical, lush, fantastical jungle but the real jungle where predators and bullies live too. Where out happiness and even our livelihoods are affected by those with greater power than us or who want to flex their muscle. No, not your average jungle bu ton nonetheless and one where we have to keep our wits about us and our thoughts close to our chest - we have to watch our body language and make sure we give the right messages to fit in with others too. Not so different then?
As for not fighting - switch on the news or , on a far smaller scale, watch in the playground. There you will see mankind in all their nature - fighting for land, or wealth, or even just whose turn it is to go first on the climbing frame - we learn young and we learn to cast out those who do not conform or who cannot show an evolutionary advantage.

We are stewards of nature and to some, this means we are above nature but we are so much part of it that to say we are not is a fallacy. Nature still holds the key. We have a brain that we only use half of. Why? How is nature going to take this a stage further? we have only begun to tap the vast knowledge of our universe and not even come close to understanding the other universes which lie beyond. We cannot talk to our fellow creatures and do not understand their language. We do not listen and we do not care - well, some of us do.
Even if we try to consider ourselves above or different from nature, it is impossible not to see evolution in action. We are still evolving. People in the Western world are getting bigger and taller - this is due partly to diet but it also means the human frame can survive being larger as food shortages are rare here so larger people fare well. In other parts of the world this is not the case.

We will always be part of nature - our genetics, our heritage and what makes us, well human, is nature herself. We have been given a special place in nature of that there is no doubt. We can think logically, we can work out complex mathematics, we imagine and have areal sense of self. We can identify others and read their language - verbal or otherwise, as well as the myriad of subtleties which give us lots of information about our fellow humans. What we also do is hide our nature - we cover our natural smells, we hide hair on our bodies, we try and attain this perfect shape dictated to us by people who certainly have no bearing on our survival but this they do affect our happiness and state of mind. We care what people think.

We are part of nature but we have the ultimate choice to make - do we nurture nature or do we use what is given up and ruin both our future and that of the earth? Decisions needs to be made and we need to take our stewardship seriously.

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