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Are Human Beings still Part of Nature

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"Are Human Beings still Part of Nature"
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The question has only one definite answer that's clearly seen in cemeteries across the country. Where does a human body go when dead, but back to the dust from which it came? Even if one does not believe in the divine creation of man being made from dust, one thing is for certain, in death dust or ashes is where we all return.
Of course there are those unfortunate souls whose lives were lost in the seas, and these no doubt decompose in a manner that blends in with the surroundings. Even if consumed by a fish, that body has joined with nature.

Human beings join themselves with nature in various ways. Picture a surfer on the North Shores of Oahu, as he becomes one with the foaming waves of the Pacific. A scuba diver propelling along on fins shaped like those of a fish, scans the lower parts of the oceans. A child lying in a fresh snow making a snow angel from their own body. . .all humans blending with nature.

I don't see the question as quite that complicated, for we can not survive without nature. How would we eat? Mankind also becomes food for beasts in some tragic instances. Christians and Jews were fed to starved lions and tigers in the Coliseum, a tragically sad part of history, showing man's relation to nature at its worse.

Humanity lives among nature planting vegetable and flower gardens, cultivating land for harvest, stacking hay for cattle, fishing, hunting, relaxing in a boat on a river.

For communities that lack natural beauty, there can be a distance from nature or the appreciation of it. Yet every child notices the budding of lilac leaves on trees in the Spring. Birds will sing their songs in anyone's neighborhood, so long as there are trees and telegraph poles to light on.

The same orange full moon that shines over the roofs of mansions, shines also over project buildings in inner cities, does it not? The same stars are seen glittering in a black velvet sky.
Try as he might, mankind can not control nature, for his true mission was to only cultivate and enhance it, not destroy or regulate it. Nature knows what it is supposed to do, and is so consistent in her expressions of sun and wind, clouds and storms, rain and days of snowy cold. His attempts only distort what is natural and causes unbalance both above and beneath the earth.
Even now the world is concerned over global warming, a condition caused by humanity's misuse and abuse of his own home.

They say the glaciers are melting, and polar bear will meet grizzly bear, an unprecedented event as territories become confused. Summers are too hot, winters too bitterly cold and icy, droughts and fires rage, earthquakes rock, as nature wrestles control from the hands of humanity. Even the plates deep in the earth's core are shifting. . .we are alas, on shaky grounds.

There is a need to recognize our place with nature, learn from it and enjoy the earth and all her splendor before she is no more.

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