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Are Human Beings still Part of Nature

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"Are Human Beings still Part of Nature"
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One minute pause. I hear my ancestors rolling over in their graves. In this great vast iniverse this little blue marble in space. Every thing on this planet is made of the same stuff yes stuff. I will leave that just like it sounds for the moment. Now that being said my dear friends are we helping nature. Some of us are. Many of us are not. To many for that matter humans can be quite selfish at times can we? We are nature we are earth, fire and water. Fire? you say. Yes energy electricity fire forms of energy spirit energy. We are all one on this planet dividing and dividing over and over. We try so hard to be separite. But in the end we die and decompose and go back to the earth. Are we prisoners here? Are we being rehabilitated slowly from chaos. Slowly being enlightend rising up some day to reach the level of the avatars of the past. Spirit can't be divided. Yet in this physical form we feel divided. We are earth, fire and water. Trapped here till we rise up and awaken back in spirit. When we reach this level the earths hold on us will be released and we will merge back to spirit pure love we will be one with God once again. But untill then we are part of this world and nature. Some day this race of humans will waken and see the only difference in us is a illusion. we are one and havn't really gone anywhere. this concept is really to deep to fully grasp. So reach out and grasp peace and go with this you will have the better life in this way. For when you achieve peace with the rest of the world you achieve a peace within yourself and you will be on your way back to God. I know I horrify a lot of people with my views. But I see the simple where others stumble on the complicated. This planet and everything on it is connected it's just changing form moving around dividing whatever you want to call it. We are one with God! That's once again as far as I'm going here. I will say this Jesus was right listen to his words and follow him and in doing so you will have peace of mind. In doing this being a good soul you will awaken and reconnect with spirit once again some day. Simple see now be in peace. God is in everything! God is everything! We are ? Well you figure that one out for yourselves if you dare. Simple see. I wish you peace my good people.

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