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Are Human Beings still a Part of Nature

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"Are Human Beings still a Part of Nature"
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Human beings, by our very definition, are still a part of nature - as much as some of us might not like to admit it. There is no escaping that fact, no matter how technologically advanced we may be now. Human beings are still full of wonder at the night sky, the oceans, the wind and rain, the sun and moon the trees, and greenery that surrounds us. When strolling through parks, or on the beach near the sea, the tension that we may have carried within us is suddenly lifted.

We are lifted by birdsong, by sunrise and sunset, by the full moon, and by the backdrop of the billions of stars that make up the galaxies..  We are inspired by the mountains that rise above us, by the ocean tides that come in then out. We are inspired, and we stare in wonder at the beauty of a snowflake, each one an individual, not unlike ourselves.

We connect with nature not only on a conscious level, but at a deeper unconscious level too. Certain colours make us feel better. Certain sounds certainly do too. The sound of crystal clear water  running over rocks within a park or garden, the sound of birds singing or the sound of leaves rustling in the wind.  Sights too make us feel so much better: the sight of a butterfly floating passed us, the sight of sunlight bouncing off the top of a lake, and the wind making that same lake shimmer like millions of beautiful diamonds upon its surface. Such scenes can take our breath away.

Human beings will always be a part of nature, because it is how nature intended for us to be.  Every single human being on this earth has an innate gift, a Sixth Sense, beyond the five senses we already have. This Sixth Sense is inherent within us all and it is this same gift that comes into play when we may need it the most.

Animals too, possess this gift, and it is a gift from nature that we should not dumb down but embrace and envelope it. Too often our minds have become closed to the society that we ourselves have created around us. This society is synthetic, and gives us a false sense of who we are, and also a false sense of security.

The society we have created, has in turn, created a breed of people that are bad-tempered, stressed, unhealthy and who have lost touch with ourselves and with nature too.  Many of us realize this and have pulled back, personally, from the brink of disaster. Such people know that they needed to touch base, to get back in touch with nature and with the gifts that she, nature, affords us. So many of us have indeed, lost sight and sense of who we are that we have become automatons.

Nature is the one true constant that is always there, but for how much longer? In our vanity, we have tried to destroy the very thing that created us in the first place. We rip up forests, pollute the oceans and the very air we breathe, we genetically modify our food sources, as if we, ourselves have tried to become God Almighty Himself. In this mad, fruitless attempt to define who we are and to shape this world into something that it clearly was not meant to be, we have created monsters within ourselves.

The point being is that some of us have recognized this failing in ourselves and have pulled back, and returned to nature. Nature is our mother, who succours us when we need it. Why is it we feel better, uplifted, almost on a spiritual high when we commune with nature? When we take that slow walk in a park, near a lake? Or when we gaze at the full moon, and the backdrop of stars that really shows us where we, as human beings stand, within the grand scheme of things.

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