Archaeologists Discover Ancient Monument under Sea of Galilee

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"Archaeologists Discover Ancient Monument under Sea of Galilee"
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The Earth is a wonderful place for many reasons. One of those is the fact that it contains so many mysteries within its depths. This is not talking about unexplored places around the globe, as most all of this planet has seen some sort of human interaction along the way. These mysteries are below the surface, covered by forces of nature that have redrawn the boundaries of history along the way.

History has plenty to say about the area known as the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee was the site that the Jewish people flocked to when the upset Romans blocked them from entering the holy city of Jerusalem.  For the religious, it is also the location of many stories of Jesus Christ. Christ is said to have done most of his teaching in this area, and it is also thought of as the Sea where he produced numerous miracles. Among these are the Miracle of the Fish and his famous Walk on Water.

More recently, the Sea of Galilee is once again back in the headlines. Following a sonar survey done of the area back in 2003, a group of research archaeologists became interested in a gigantic cone shaped structure that showed up. It is under the water that makes up the Sea of Galilee, but what makes it interesting is that it does not appear to be a structure that was created by nature.

In a New York Daily News piece, the researchers were quoted as saying, "The shape and composition of the submerged structure does not resemble any natural feature. We therefore conclude that it is man-made."

As has happened with other ancient cultures, it has lied beneath the surface of the Sea of Galilee because the Earth evolved and the water created its own path over this impressive structure.

Scuba divers and other experts have gone down and examined this pile, which reaches a top height of 32 feet. These boulders or rocks extend for more than 230 feet, and are estimated to weigh in the neighborhood of 60,000 tons. All of this would be impressive on its own, but the researchers found something else in their examination. They found that none of these boulders showed any sign of cutting or shaping by tools. Knowing that, and the fact there were no bulldozers back then, it meant that human hands were responsible for amassing this huge pile.

The question is, what does the pile symbolize? The researchers believe it shows the work of a society that was well put together, very organized, and had the planning and economic capabilities to pull off such an endeavor. With this in mind, doubled with the location of the find, researchers believe this could be the work of the citizens of the ancient city of Bet Yerah.

It might not sound familiar, but Bet Yerah fits the mold of what the researchers believe was the type of society capable of assembling this structure. Bet Yerah was once the most powerful cities in all of Israel and was seen as once of its strongest defenses against outside forces. Though this pile is impressive in stature, it is not known what it is meant to be. Perhaps it was considered a symbol of a stairway to heaven, but either way, it is another mysterious find on the planet called Earth.

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