Anger every Mans Weapon and how we can try to Overcome it

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"Anger every Mans Weapon and how we can try to Overcome it"
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Anger the deadliest emotion is assessed as a birth rite of every individual. Right from the time we are born,this emotion is alive and kicking. When a baby is about a few months old, he knows very well when his anger is to be displayed. If a mother is a bit late to feed the baby or shows extra attention to the sibling, then the baby resorts to anger. He whines and screams till he or she gets their way. Think about mother, she too has this anger at the tip of her nose, the screeching baby irritates her. She too raises her voice and tries to get the baby under control. Very rarely do you come across a very docile personality who can control his anger under any circumstance.

Take for example the working father, when he wakes up in the morning, he is in a hurry, he wants breakfast to be fixed quickly. Any sibling that gets in his way, he manifests his anger. Is he really angry? or is it the pressure to get things done on time. When he is ready and forgets the car keys, he doesn't smile and murmur sweet words, instead he swears and curses under his breath. Now, look at his scene mother gets to cook breakfast and she hears a yell across the room, "Where are my socks?" she rushes to get the socks and returns to find the eggs burnt. What does she do? She's angry! she throws the eggs into the thrash can and decides to give the children just doughnuts for breakfast.

Father reaches his work desk and finds his desk in a mess. The secretary is late and now he has to type an urgent letter for the boss. He waits patiently looking at the clock. Its past time, he starts getting restless. Just as he decides to give her a call, the door swings open and the secretary walks in giving explanations for her delay instead of being sorry for the inconvenience caused. Father bites his lip and stares at her, anger radiating from his eyes. The secretary gets the message and carries on with her work. She leaves the office in a huff and a puff after her duty not wishing him good day.

Here is the teacher, asking for the Science scrap books and little Sarah stands up scared as she forgot to bring her book to school. The teacher is furious, she goes closer to Sarah and yells at her at the top of her voice. Sarah is angry now, she looks up at the teacher and says 'I hate you'. The teacher is even more annoyed, she takes Sarah to the Principal and now the principal exhibits his anger and gives Sarah 3 demerits for bad behaviour.

Mother goes to the supermarket and the milk she buys daily is out of stock. Mother rushes to the counter for an explanation doesnt wait to listen till the explanation is over, she answers rudely to the receptionist and storms out with her face red like a tomato catching the attention of shoppers. She vents her fury behind the wheel and ends up with a cop charging her a fine. Sarah is waiting at the door sulking, and tells her about her demerits at school and she gets a spanking. So you can see the chain reaction of every human being. We fail to reason out. Everyone of us want to get the better end of things. Anger is the most deadliest emotion that is exercised by us human beings. Most of todays deaths are caused due to anger.

People are killed, families are destroyed and divorces are high rated because this emotion cannot be controlled. The whole world at large suffers because of this deadly weapon "anger." That explodes at every given chance.To make live easier for each other, every individual should be able to keep this emotion under control. Its extremely difficult, but we must find means and methods to control our anger. May be we could get ourselves involved in some meditation attend seminars and read good books that help us to control this emotion. If we start with ourselves we may be able to conquer this emotion slowly but surely.

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