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Anger can be a very destructive emotion. Not just in the literal sense such as physically beating someone up. Anger can consume you. It can make you do terrible things that you will later regret with all your being but cannot take back. It can make you strike a partner, a friend, or worse, a child or pet. There is one thing in this world that is worse than anger: regret. You cannot take back what you did, even if you did not mean it. You will never forget it. Moreover, neither will the person you hurt.

So, what can you do to stop yourself from "blowing up"? Many things work for temper management. Here is a list of five and you will probably find more ideas through other articles in this topic, too.

1. Journal

In a journal, you can admit whatever you want. You can talk about your fears or stresses without worrying that someone will see it. You can talk about your dreams and goals. You can write about what makes you angry. And in your journal, you can think of other ways to stop from becoming so mad.

2. Sports

Sports are a wonderful way to express yourself. Just by doing something physical, you can work off "steam" and pounds. One of the most common sports used to deal with anger is Boxing. However, there are many other sports with the same benefits. Basketball is great for the running and the fact that you can play with friends as a bonding session. Football is the same. Swimming is a way that Michael Phelps uses to help him with his emotional problems (no comments on the drug usage, please).

3. Get Creative

Yep. Get paint, a box (or a cardboard cut) and soak the cardboard with paint. Its messy, its fun and you can usually pretend you are doing it to whatever is making you mad. Just make sure to put out newspaper and to lock any animals in a different room. It would only make you more irritable if Fluffy or Wolf decides to be inquisitive then tracks paw prints all over the house.

4. Go for a walk

Taking a breath of "fresh" air can do wonders. Sometimes, this is a great way to relieve stress. Find a place outside your home where you can go to get away from whatever is eating at you. Even if you go to a public park. Sit there for a while and see how many things you can spot with your eyes, smell with your nose, or hear with your ears. It is a great form of meditation, too. Before long, people who have used this method were able to forget why they were upset in the first place.

5. Talk

Talk to someone who is not involved in your anger. If you are mad at your partner, it is not a good idea to talk to them. Call a girl friend or guy friend, instead. You do not have to talk about the problem. Sometimes, just talking, about anything, is helpful.

Counselors are great for this. You can tell them anything. Their job is to give you ideas about how to deal with problems in your life. Most have heard everything and have helped other people with their problems. They can even suggest ways to stop something from bothering you. Get references before going to one, though.

In Conclusion

Anger can destroy lives. If anger is not handled correctly, it can make you do things that are later regretted. You cannot turn back time. Those things will stick with you for the rest of your life. So, learn how to control it before it gets bad. And remember, the first step to controlling anger, is realizing that you get angry.

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