Ancients Navigation of Oceans Stars

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"Ancients Navigation of Oceans Stars"
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Stars above tell us we are higher beings.  Why?  For we are the only critters on Earth who observe them or at least notice their design in the sky.  From there we have used them to help us navigate.   We are not mere ants as some would believe.  Mankind and womankind for thousands of years have observed the sky, studied the sky and appreciated its brilliance.  

Ancient people navigated their canoes and ships by the stars and other signs that came from the oceans and sky.  It became a precise science.     

The eyes of our beings look at the stars.  We wonder, we say thank you for their beauty, love and brilliance.  Astonishing sights of stars falling -  and the Milky Way is a sight to behold.  Love emanates from them telling us of the life and love that are there.

Imagination comes into play in seeing various objects in the sky.  A big dipper?  Yes, enough to imagine ladling love all over our Earth Planet. 

Yes, we are intelligent beings and the stars are an integral part of our surviving in discovering the constancy of their patterns. The ingenuity of the ancient people to plan their way across the oceans by this observation was perhaps by a higher platitude guiding them?  Perhaps in dreams they were shown the way.  Certainly the imagination was at play in their observations

Recently in the measure of time compasses and sextants were developed.  The latter is an instrument used to measure the angle between two visible objects.  Its primary use is to determine the angle between a celestial object and the horizon.  It is accomplished at sunrise or sunset where there is light but the stars are still visible.  Three circles are drawn from three stars and at the point where they all cross, one knows their position, by the stars.  Later maps were developed by the various explorers of our planet.

Now we have the modern means of measurement evolved from the early compasses.   The ships as they cross the sea know where they are, night or day, stars above or bright sun.  

But think of those ancient peoples, how they must have studied the stars night after night, year after year, for thousands of years.  To be able in our magnifying light due to electricity to observe them as they did is not possible.

But mankind has accomplished so much in discovering our world and thank God for the ancients' ingenuity and the guidance they knew in realizing the stars as a navigation tool. 

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