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Just when it seemed impossible to teach anything else online human anatomy courses are now available online! High school and college courses are available through several educational institutions. Students can choose an overview course on human anatomy or can study specific human anatomy systems such as: skeletal, digestive, muscular, endocrine, urinary, nervous, cardiovascular or reproductive.

Why would students wish to study something as “hands on” as anatomy by taking an online course? Some students because of distance or the fact that their high school does not teach an anatomy course would never have an opportunity to take anatomy. Manycollege, medically-focused programs have anatomy as a prerequisite to being admitted to the course. Zoology is often available at the high school level but students bound for courses in human health care prefer to study the human anatomy. As one prospective medical student put it, “Without an anatomy course, how do we know we can handle the blood and guts without hurling? Look at the college tuition money our parents would have wasted if that turned out to be the case!”

Online courses in human anatomy will be of particular interest to those who want to work in the healthcare sector. The courses will teach such skills and knowledge as: how to identify the major body systems; an understanding of what each body system does; knowledge of how body systems are interrelated. Those who complete the online courses will be able to describe how body systems function. They will be able to differentiate among various types of cells, tissues and organs. They will have knowledge of how muscles, tendons and ligaments connect the skeletal system.

Besides the various body systems, online anatomy courses cover human physiology, chemistry foundations of anatomy, cells and cell processes such as mitosis, tissues, organs and systems. Courses are “hands-on” through computer simulations, practical information and vital processes. Students receive guide books of human body terms including phonetic clues to proper pronunciation. They also provide practical application of facts learned through the use of case studies. Using concept maps, instructors teach students how various body systems are interconnected.

Using scenarios of various diseases, students are introduced to how various body systems are affected by illnesses.

Because we are in an era of aging populations, a significant part of anatomy online courses deals with the process of aging in the human body and how this affects the human anatomy. In addition, one of the main focuses in the course is on career opportunities. A major task of the online anatomy course is exploration of career opportunities.

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