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I have written about quite a few things in my life, but the fact that I have big ears drew me to the debate on whether people with big ears hear better. It's an interesting topic because I don't believe there is any medical background supporting the sonic hearing of big eared people. I just think that this whole debate has to come from some genius who looked up at a satellite dish one night and had a simple nagging thought.

Personally, I have never thought of myself with good hearing at all. I often can't comprehend what someone is saying and I have to ask them to repeat it. I can hear the volume of their voice just fine. And I have the ability to comprehend even the most complex words or word groups when I hear them. The problem I have is that some things come through muffled.

I am not sure if my ears are so huge that they create a vacuum within themselves. I have also thought that it could be what I would refer to as a seashell phenomenon. Whatever it is, there is a constant sound stream in the middle of my head where both ears push a great bit of air together. Having had this for plenty of years, I have certainly learned how to compensate for my hearing loss. But, there are times when I still have a problem with deciphering something someone is saying.

I do believe that my vacuum theory would be more correct. I have encountered several incidences in my life that would lead me to believe that it is true. Normally, talking on the phone is maintained to a five minute period and no more. But when I get into a conversation for longer than that, the phone literally becomes attached to my ear. A suction is created from my ear being pressed flat against the the receiver. I can physically feel air being forced through my head, in one ear and out the other when I pull the phone away. The sound given off is close to that of a cork being pulled from the top of a wine bottle.

Additionally, I have cupped my ears for different reasons. Either it was cold or something was loud, but I felt the need to cover my ears with the palms of my hands. Several times when I have done that, I have found myself in quite a predicament. Both hands were stuck to my ears. Unlike the phone situation when only one of my hands was stuck, I found it quite impossible to pull both of my hands off the side of my head. There was a stronger suction created by both ears being covered, no air inlet to assist breaking free. I had to open my mouth in order to create that rush of air. It was scary. I was very young.

Also, having someone box my ears helped me to realize the vibrations that occur within my head. Feeling that pressure from both sides at once, my brain literally registered flashbacks from an era I know I never lived through. As the sound and air vibrations resonated through my head, I heard sounds that were so foreign, they could only have been invented by beings from another universe. Hearing was not restored for quite awhile and I can still hear those sounds to this day.

So whoever the genius was who looked up at a satellite dish and wondered about my ears instead of all the other mysteries of the universe, I just have to say that all the pressure of guessing is over. No pun intended! You can rest assured tonight knowing that I have spoken from experience and I do not believe that I have better hearing in spite of the fact that my ears are larger than normal. Medical findings aside, I think it comes down to the old staple of how we all view color.

Blue looks one way to me and it looks another way to someone else. The fact of the matter is that I will never know how blue looks to someone else. I can only rely on the fact that we both can identify the color blue accurately. Likewise, I have no idea if I can hear better than someone who has smaller ears than I do. All I do know is that my hearing isn't all that great and if there were other factors involved in that, the size of my ears should be able to compensate.

We don't always have to ponder deep philosophical issues or debate the state of our world today. I like taking a break every once in awhile and looking for something much more entertaining to discuss. I never would have thought that the fact that my ears are big could bring up such an interesting issue. But then again, I remember some rather intelligent college students actually taking seriously a question posed by one of the college jocks, "What if 'Dog' were actually spelled C-A-T?"

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