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Anatomy Physiology

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We can compare our heart with the motor of a car. Without a motor a car can't drive; without a heart we can't live anymore.
The heart is in fact a muscular organ which works like a pump and makes it possible that blood goes through our entire body. A motor does in fact the same but on a mechanical way and with the use of oil.

The heart has two rooms : the right atrium and the left atrium; and also 4 doors. Important is the function of some hallways; especially the Aorta who sends blood to the entire body and the Pulmonary Artery who sends blood to the lungs. If any of these arteries will be obstructed there is a great risk of a heart attack. That is also the reason why a healthy food is so important for the function of our heart. If our cholesterol is too high these arteries will be obstructed and become narrow and the risk for heart problems is very high.

As long our heart beats we live and in normal cases it beats 60 to 90 times each minute for healthy adult persons. It is different for children and of course it depends also of the physical condition of the person. People who practice many sport have a lower heart rate.
If our heart stops with beating we die and that is the reason that we can call our heart as the motor of our body.

In terms of emotional aspects we speak also about a good heart and a bad heart. Surely Valentine's Day is a special day where "a heart" is very special. It means here in fact the good and the bad intentions of a person.
Romantic feelings are also linked on a heart; it is a kind of expression of our feelings.

A heart is the motor of our life; the key for everything.

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